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What is EM Technology?

Don’t worry I am not spraying herbicides or pesticides on my veggie beds, I am spraying Effective Microorganisms…

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What is EM Technology?

EM stands for Effective Micro-organisms. This is a combination of various micro-organisms normally found in food or which are used in food production. EM is made up from three main kinds of bacteria – Phototrophic bacteria, yeast bacteria and lactic acid bacteria. When the effective combination of these micro-organisms makes contact with organic materials, they secrete beneficial substances like vitamins, organic acids, minerals and anti-oxidants. When applied to the earth, they transform the micro-flora and the macro-flora, improving the natural equilibrium in such a way that the bacteria which previously caused problems are converted into bacteria which help to restore the natural health of the soil. All this helps to improve plant growth and serves as an excellent tool when used together with sustainable organic agriculture techniques.

Effective Micro-organisms were first developed by Professor Teruo Higa of the Ryukus University in Okinawa, Japan, during many years of investigation and study which were completed in 1982. In the beginning, EM was considered as an alternative to using agricultural chemicals but it has since been evolved and extended for use in Animal Husbandry, Bio Remediation and Industrial processes, for solving environmental problems and in the promotion of natural health in human beings. It must be emphasised however, that EM is neither a synthetic chemical nor is it a medicine, but is perhaps one of the most positive natural tools to have been discovered. It has been carefully introduced into our common biosphere over the last twenty years and has a history of only favorable results for all life on Earth.

With our survival becoming ever more dependent on the potentially catastrophic effects of GM technology, together with artificial and industrial based farming techniques, a more easily affordable approach which also encourages only natural and symbiotic life-giving relationships to flourish, should certainly be appreciated as an authentic Earth-Saving Revolution!

Some basic uses of EM technology

Using the basic mixture of Effective Micro-organisms (EM1), several different preparations can be produced, depending on their intended application. The most widely used preparation is EM-A which stands for ‘Active EM’, produced by mixing 5 % of EM1 together with an equal volume of sugar cane molasses and keeping it at a constant temperature around 30C in a sealed container during one to two weeks. Then you have to check the pH of EM-A. If the pH is below 3.5 and the smell is sweet and sour that means the EM fermentation process has been completed. EM-A can be diluted with water and used for a variety of purposes, including the elimination of bad odours when sprayed onto livestock and their stables, or it can be added to the animals’ drinking water to help maintain them in good health. In the plant world, it is used to help activate germination, flowering, fructification and maturity, as well as improving growth. EM-A has been successfully used to alleviate bad smells in sewerage treatment plants, where it also helps to reduce the volume of mud and increase the sedimentation activity as it accelerates the organic decomposition of the material.

This is made by mixing EM-A with a fresh and good quality organic material such as rice bran, wheat bran or fish meal etc., depending on what you can get locally. This is then left to ferment for up to two weeks in a sealed container.
The final product can be used for the following purposes.
• Accelerating the fermentation and anaerobic decomposition of organic waste materials when making compost.
• Adding to animal feed for improvements in general health and natural immunity.

Animal dung, organic kitchen waste, garden cuttings and leaves etc., when mixed with a quantity of EM-A (applied with a spray) and left covered to promote anaerobic fermentation, will result in the production of a very rich and fertile compost within only 30 – 40 days, instead of the usual 4 – 6 months.

This is a mixture of EM1, molasses, vinegar, strong distillation alcohol (more than 30%) and water, which is then fermented in a sealed container for more than 30 days until it produces no more fermentation gas (CO2). Also you can add natural herbs such as Garlic, Red Pepper etc. during the fermentation process. EM-5 can be applied to all plants, preventing invasions of destructive insects as well as strengthening the natural immune system against diseases.

This is a special version of the EM liquid which has been certified for human consumption. As a daily dose over a period of time, it reduces free radicals in the body greatly improving the immune system and serving to reduce the possibility of cancer cells being produced.

Using EM in our lives and for the environment

We can use EM in our daily lives in many different ways:

  • Pouring it down the toilet to eliminate bad smells
  • Cleaning our kitchens and bathrooms with EM
  • Make compost from our kitchen waste with it
  • Use it when washing our clothes
  • Improving the quality of our drinking water
  • Improving the health of our household pets
  • Keeping our gardens in a natural and healthy condition.

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