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What a Beautiful Place to Call Home!

Wow, I just love our house! Today is the first day that I can actually say this wholeheartedly! It’s taken me a little while to actually land here and I hate to say this but it just hadn’t felt like home until I had actually cleaned it a few times and organized a bit. YES I know that sounds awfully housewifey but that’s just the way it is and I proudly admit it!

But now that I’ve gone through this process I can say I LOVE THIS HOUSE with my whole being and I’m so happy and grateful to be here with Pete and all our furry family (who by the way are confined to the living room!). There’s nothing better than having the wood burner going with Pete next to me and all the animals curled up snoozing away.

The other night we had an informal christening of the house and I think also of the project. We decided to have the weekly meditation/conscious conversation group at our house. We expected to be 5 people but we ended up being 10. As we meditated so much love and joy welled up in me to have this happening in our house! Simultaneously I also saw that we needed a lot more space! If you read my post in the About Us section then you will know that one of the reasons I want to create this project is to give people a safe and loving environment to just be. 4 of the 10 people in the group the other night had never been before and they expressed how safe and comfortable they felt just to be themselves. I have to say that I felt magic in the air, as if the Universe was saying, `See its happening just as I planned`.

So as I sit here looking out the front door to the front and the veranda door to the side, I have no desire to ever be anywhere else. The autumn colours are still bright and beautiful to one side of me and out the front door I see Jacqueline’s house. Eusebio´s men are here working and they are like maniacs as they tear off the roof and throw old timber and stones out the window. It’s a wonderful contrast of still beauty and lots of activity. It won’t be long before I will be looking out my front door and see Jacqueline having a cup of tea on her veranda.

If you haven’t read Pete’s post yet, go there now as he says a lot of things I would have said! I think he uses the word Love about a gazillion times and I don’t blame him a bit!

So with no further adieu, here are a few photos!




…Our living room, we have a new couch but no photo yet, stay tuned til next update!


…Living room looking the other direction.


Kitchen -we still are looking for natural varnish for the stones.


Kitchen stairs going up to lounge. Bathroom door in the back.


The bedroom. Door in back goes to lounge.


I will take more photos as we get the house more sussed out and post them.

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