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Waking Up From “The Glen Zone”

By Glen

Most of my friends back home would describe me as the “zoned out” one, and with good reason. Half the time anyone asked me a question, if I listened to them at all, I would respond with “wait… what?” and it would then take me a few seconds to remember what the conversation was about and formulate an answer. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. My brother had the name for it – he called it “The Glen Zone”. Whenever someone would receive my blank stare as a response to part of a conversation, he would let him or her know I was in “The Glen Zone”. A friend of mine would even refer to me as a “space cadet”, a nickname I still cherish. So I had let this obnoxious and rude quality become a part of who I was. People accepted it, it was funny, and I could even introduce myself as slightly retarded. Despite what I thought at the time, this did not make it okay.

I was living my life in and out of a coma, and it got worse with time. But why was I slowly drifting into the Glen zone? Could it have been the enormous amount of caffeine I had a taste for? Or maybe it was the 6 or 7 beers that had a place in my hand every Saturday night. Maybe I was so wrapped up in my own thought, my own feeling and emotion; that I didn’t care to place much attention on the world around me.

Whatever it was that created The Glen Zone, it has met a force to be reckoned with here at the Awakened Life Project. Since my transition to a more natural lifestyle, one that is almost completely caffeine and alcohol free, and one in which I fully nourish my brain through a healthy raw diet, I have noticed a huge change. I actually find myself more aware of Reality and fully engaged with Life without effort, instead of off in my own little space ship lost in thought.

Also as a result of meditating everyday with others here I have realized that I am separate from my thoughts and my feelings, and hence I am in control, I make the choices. I can choose not to be victimized by “negative” thoughts and feelings. I can choose to be available and present to Life. People don’t change overnight though- and some have noticed my tendency not to pay attention or zone out, but it has been in small doses. The great thing about this is that I notice it too, and I am fully ready overcome it, Here and Now!

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