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Two Days Out of Time! Dois Dias Fora do Tempo!



As far as I can remember I’ve always been inspired and interested in everything that relates to spirituality, and about a year ago I felt very drawn to meditation. I had read much about this but I never really practiced until my arrival as a “WWOOFer” with my Portuguese boyfriend, Duarte, at the Awakened Life Project. It is also not a coincidence that we chose this place, we immediately felt attracted to the spirituality and meditation in their project and how they live everyday.

Pete was giving a weekend meditation retreat while I was there so I decided to go. The method that Pete teaches is by far the easiest there is! The fact is that there is no “method” itself, we are not trying to focus on something, or trying to change our experience in some way. Simply we are still, relaxed, and We Do not Have Any Relationship With Our Mind!! We just let go of everything. So simple. And there are more to be gained from this than feelings of peace, joy, lightness, warmth, wellness, etc. Of course, these positive states are very enjoyable but the real power in practicing this meditation regularly, is that it can have a direct impact on every moment of our daily lives regardless of how we are feeling in any particular moment. Its implications are for much more than the individual, we act more conscientiously, and our relations with the world change, so it’s not only good for ourselves but for everyone!


However, I also had some hesitation before deciding to attend the retreat. I was torn between the desire to explore more deeply into myself and life, to find answers to questions I have always asked, but also disturbed by a little voice called the “ego” (it has been named before) telling me that this was surely not for me, I would not be able to get results, I’d rather spend the weekend with my boyfriend, plus a whole series of other stupid excuses! I finally followed my higher intuition and decided to go. After all I had nothing to lose. And in my humble opinion, I think I made one of the best choices of my life!


The retreat opened the door that mystery that every human being longs for: Freedom. I feel today that I discovered The Right Way to discover this. It was two days out of time, a special time for everyone to be only with themselves, to remember the basic truth: we are all ONE! We are all one consciousness. Of this I have no doubt, I think every person experienced it, I really felt very connected to the group, very close to everyone, something very solid linked us in this knowledge … We did not yet know each other before arriving and we spent two days without exchanging a word but the connection was there, for sure. I really loved to meditate with all these people, I found it extremely intense and powerful.


To finish, I want to say thanks to Jutta for welcoming us into her home. I really enjoyed to be there, there is something in her magical place that I could describe as being like a fairytale … very peaceful! Jutta is such nice person, she took care of everything and I have to say that the food she made was really really delicious! Thank you!


So it was a great experience for me, I really recommend this to everyone who wants discover the Truth.

Candice Branchy, France

The next meditation retreat will be April 29 – May 1 click here for more information.

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