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Tree Planting Minga – Planted over 700 Trees!

Wow 780 trees planted by 18 people in about 5 hours! Amazing! Well that’s what happened on Saturday when we had our first ´minga´ which is a Latin American term for a communal work party.


There were 1000 oaks and cork oaks delivered from Mata da Magaraça on Friday…

It was a beautiful day with lots of sun and gorgeous blue sky. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. It was so much fun in the morning as people arrived, some we expected and others were a delightful surprise.

We were like a well oiled machine, some taking the trees out of the pots, soaking them in water, some bringing the water, others going up and down the hill, digging holes and planting, and some in the kitchen preparing chai and food. Everyone was working hard, the atmosphere was one of complete relaxation and lots of activity. What a joy to have so many people here working together, bringing laughter and light to the quinta while planting a heck of a lot of trees!


the hillside was pretty steep!


Armando and Isabella hard at work


a well deserved chai break


Isabella and Leen


Carolien and Pete


River and Leen using her head!


Philipa got the dirtiest face award!


finally time for lunch!


check out the dirty faces! (Joanna, Chris and River)


Josh and Veronica


Clare, Joanna, Caroline, Emma and Philipa


So THANK YOU everyone who came and helped us. At the end of the day, the three of us sat blissfully around the woodburner reflecting on the day. It was wonderful to have the trees in the ground in what will grow to be a beautiful hillside of deciduous trees AND it was equally as wonderful to have had so many friends here helping us. If you haven’t hosted a minga we highly recommend it. We would never have been able to do this job alone and when many come together in this way it not only turns a huge task into something manageable but it gives all who are present a beautiful experience of being together. If you haven’t been to a minga we highly recommend that also! You will have another chance on November 30th in Chão Sobral. João is hosting a tree planting minga. We´re going and we hope to see everyone there! For more info contact João at


Cynthia, Pete and Jacqueline (the newest member of the Awakened Life Project and an awesome cook and chai maker!)

PS: And a big thank you to everyone from Nina, Anita and Sammy who were completely exhaused by the end of the day!



  1. joao says:

    what a day! what a beautiful place! i have delighted digging such “deep soft soil” in this steep slope. tree blessing …

  2. michelle says:

    hi guys-i am sorry that I did’nt make iton the day but glad it was such a success

  3. Lisa says:

    wow fantastic, wish we could have been with you… what a fab day. love and bestest wishes Lisa and gang

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