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TREE PLANTING MINGA!! All Hands on Deck Needed!

We are having a tree planting party on Sat November 22 at 10:30. We thought we would need about 15 people to get the job done but guess what??? We need a heck of a lot more than that! Here’s why…

Mata da Magaraça (the local forest service) is graciously supplying us with trees! We knew they were going to give us some trees but today we found out they are giving us way more than we expected…1000 trees!! A mixture of Chestnut, Oak and Cork Oak, indigenous trees to repopulate the hill above Fraga da Pena and our quinta. They are coordinating with the Junta in Benfeita who is going to deliver them to us on Thurs or Friday.


SO the Universe has supplied us once again with more than we could have imagined and we are hoping that it will go one step further and also supply the people we need to plant them! So far we have about 11 people confirmed, we need more like 20 or 25.

So if you are anywhere close to our quinta and would like to come join us to plant these beautiful trees, we would most grateful for your help! If you would like to come please bring an enxada (Portuguese hoe) if you have one. We will supply soup, bread and salad for lunch. Any other food offerings (cakes!!) will be most welcomed. Also you will have the treat of walking through the waterfalls of Fraga da Pena, one of the most beautiful places in Portugal…

Dual Waterfall.jpg

These trees are small so you don’t have to have a strong back to join us! All are welcome! If you can come please email ( us or call at 966 333 187 to confirm. We start at 10.30am. Drive to Benfeita via Coja, then follow the sign for Fraga da Pena. When you get there park you car and walk up the trail alongside the waterfalls. When you get to the top trail, turn right and soon you will be at the Quinta.

Hope to see you on Saturday.

Cynthia and Pete

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