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The Utterly Extraordinary Becomes Normal!

Porto, Saturday 10th July: The Feira Alternativa (Alternative Fair)

By Mim


Adam and I had agreed to present The Awakened Life Project in a 45-minute talk at the Alternative Fair in Porto. That should have been easy – after all, I live here!  It’s no more than talking about my daily life.  But how to explain what it’s like to live with a total sense of purpose, and to live in a way that work and leisure and life seem to flow, with an incredible ease of being almost all the time, doing whatever needs doing?

Preparing to give this talk to an auditorium of people felt very challenging because I really wanted to communicate what it is actually like here.  Living with people who will only support the highest and best in me and in everyone.  Living transparently together.  Being willing to take on any difficulties and stay open to the learning and evolution that they bring.  Really being ready to inquire into things without the need to be right.  I wanted to communicate all this in the talk, and yet I do realise how extraordinary it all sounds.  Is it really possible for people to live like this?  The answer is: YES!  We do.  And what is quite amazing is that after nearly 2 years of living here, it’s all become quite normal.  I expect the openness.  I’m used to the mindblowing conversations over breakfast or while washing up, which does not mean they become any less mind-blowing because the inquiry is always new.  I even take for granted the incredible volunteers who turn up here, ready to join us in the whole thing – conscious evolution, taking on their egos, weeding, picking up donkey poo, fixing the roof and creating a new culture!


What we also wanted to communicate was that if we can do this at the Awakened Life Project – really find a different way to live together beyond ego – then this must be possible for others too.  What we’re doing can be done elsewhere, provided that people really have the intention to change and to evolve and to make this happen.

Adam and I turned the talk inside-out and back-to-front a few times, and finally came up with something we were happy with – plus some stunning slides of the place.  But when we stood up in front of the audience we forgot half of what we prepared – so instead we just let it flow!  What came out was our total enthusiasm about the Awakened Life Project and about what is possible for humans who choose to live differently.  We simply told it like it is.  Humans can change!  Culture can change!  We haven’t got to our final point in evolution yet – not by a long way!


And our audience obviously got it.  We had about 12 people in the audience to start with, but over 50 by the time we finished, and the talk was greeted with applause and by lots of people taking our contact details and saying that they want to come and visit – in fact some have already contacted us and will be coming here soon!

The Feira Alternativa was a great venue and we really enjoyed spending the rest of the day wandering around.  There was an amazing programme of talks, workshops, music and dance amd we’d really recommend it next year.  Many thanks to Cristina Teixeira, who included us in the programme, and our dear friend Ricardo who translated for us.

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