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The Secret Arts of Slate Stone

Here I am learning the secret Portuguese arts of creating beautiful walls of slate stone from the masters! Wielding brush and damp sponge I was soon delicately revealing the choicest stones from under the layer of cement that was applied to fill in all the holes.


With expert instruction from Fernando and Philippe I was learning fast. However, it was only after they insisted I stop for a brief copo de vinho/redwine break with them, that my stone polishing flair went to another level. I joked with them saying now I knew the secret of their art!


Next day they were busy laying the stone floors, which they laid with passion and precision in hardly any time at all. They gathered huge slabs of slate from the nearby ruins and carefully crafted the different shapes and size together.


The whole house is looking so amazing we can hardly believe it. Here are some views from above the house and valley…


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  1. sophie says:

    looks fantastic! i especially love the slate floor

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