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The Evolution of Consciousness, Reintegration Massage & The Green Gathering

Our good friends Steve & Karyn are hosting an event at their quinta over Easter called the Green Gathering. With demonstrations and presentations on themes such as solar power, chi gung, permaculture, herbal healing, manifesting abundance, and meditation, along with music and delicious vegetarian food, it promises to be a very positive and eclectic happening.


Besides helping out in the cafe and keeping the music flowing in the evening jamming session in the roundhouse above (me that is!) Cynthia will be offering Reintegration massage and I will be doing a presentation on “The Evolution of Consciousness” on Good Friday at 11am in a dome somewhere.

I will be delving into what it means to awaken to our own lives as being part and parcel of a vast cosmic evolutionary unfolding. Embracing a context that fully embraces the tipping point times in which we are living, we can discover a purpose and release a passion for Life that can have a profound transformative impact on ourselves and our relationships with others, and of course our beloved Mother Earth.


Maybe see you there…


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