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The Cry of the Earth & The Call of Consciousness

“Something inside me has reached to the place
Where the world is breathing”

Here I sit in the dark typing by candlelight as we have had no sun for a while and hence no power. I am alone and enveloped in the deafening mountain silence save for the distant sound of the stream rushing through the valley (in which I hope to have a turbine by next year so we will have water power!). It is roughly one year now since Cynthia and I actually bought Quinta da Mizarela. As I sit in our renovated slate stone house, reflecting on how much has occurred both inwardly and outwardly, I wonder what will take shape here over the course of another year.

So why it is called the Awakened Life Project? Because whatever we create here is dedicated to facilitating our awakening to our true identity as non-separate from the vast ocean of Life itself.

I recently read that the well known Zen monk and teacher Thich Nat Hanh was asked, “What do we need to do to save our world?” His questioners expected him to identity the best strategies to pursue in social and environmental action, but his answer was this, “What we most need to do is to hear within us the sounds of the Earth crying.”

That had a big impact on me when I read it because it powerfully articulated my own experience. Clearly hearing and feeling the voice of the Earth welling up from within is in large part what has led me to this place. But the sound of the crying Earth is also the sound of our own souls crying for release, for we are one with the Earth.


We live in a tipping point time of unprecedented crisis and opportunity in which our very survival as a species hangs in the balance. But the crisis we face is not primarily an ecological one. The ecological crisis is a symptom of a deeper crisis: a crisis of consciousness. The root of all the converging systemic problems that face us now, gathering like a perfect storm on the horizon, is our ferocious attachment to ourselves as separate “skin encapsulated egos”. Underlying humankind’s false identification with the separate self is existential fear. To appease that fear the separate self streams out its insatiable demand for security, for endless material gratification and for mind numbing stimulation which our industrial growth civilization supplies in abundance in a cancerous and ever increasing spiral of madness. But the industrial commercial world has had its day, as has our destructive self-interested infatuation with ourselves as isolated separate entities. Our cannibalistic culture of consumerism and narcissism is eating away the very source of Life that birthed us. We are forcing upon ourselves an identity crisis of epic proportions and, I believe, heading into a dark night of the soul of the human race. Life is throwing down the gauntlet to its own wild progeny: Evolve or Perish!

But a Great Awakening is stirring in the hearts and minds of many as we recognize that the problem is not “out there”, but lies right here within us. None of us has ever been or ever could be outside the Life process. The Life that we are is screaming from the depths for us to transcend our attachment to a prolonged adolescence of only wanting for ourselves. The Life that we are is crying out for us to realize and embrace our kinship with all mankind and the non-human world of Nature. The more we make room in ourselves to hear that call, and then have the courage to merge with it, the more we are compelled to take creative action to forge new pathways for ourselves and others. A light turns on inside and we are suddenly empowered and inspired as Life finds a portal through which to breathe and know and express itself, freed from the shackles of the past, of fear, of denial, of the deadening weight of “separate existence”.


The Life that we all are is immortal. The vast, indescribable intelligence that makes Life in all its forms possible lies waiting to animate and move us. That process of Evolution is an internal and external one simultaneously. We all know it matters, we all feel deeply that it matters, and it is getting harder and harder for us as awakening human beings, to see our own “spiritual awakening” outside of the context of the transformation of the world as a whole.

So my vision is for Quinta da Mizarela to be a beacon of healing and liberation of Life.

A sanctuary where we can find rest and merge into our True Nature freed from the limitations of the past and personality; an organic permaculture farm where we can reconnect with the Soul of Nature and learn the art of sustainable living; and a creative field of infinite possibility in which we can discover our true purpose as agents of the vast mystery of Life becoming ever more Conscious as ourselves.

Love Pete

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  1. Derek says:

    I would like to tell you what your blog means to those of us “having to work a bit more” in big cities/capitalist-money-machines in order to afford that first biggest and most important step. You posted about how a candle lights your typing now because of natures turn of season, well that same candle light is a far off point of light that we here also see on the horizon. its a hackneyed expression, but its a beacon of light, that we hope to soon be enveloped in. Your blog, for us here, it is a medicine.

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