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The Colossal Explosive Wave of Life!

I am a-buzz today in the wake of last nights Meditation and Consciousness Evolution group. Something profound happened. Something ungraspable, a mysterious paradox that I can barely hold in my consciousness…

At one point a male participant gave passionate voice to an overwhelming realization of the Colossal Explosive Tidal Wave of Life. In the light of this cosmic immensity we are insignificant specks in the Divine Play like one of the trillions of microscopic organisms whose shells have, over millennia, formed the majestic white cliffs of Dover, he said (having watched a documentary on the formation of the Earth recently!).

But then I questioned wasn’t it significant that this apparently insignificant entity in the vast cosmic Divine Play was capable of having such an outrageous recognition?? This sparked lively inquiry between us all into who was the “I” that could realize its non-separation from the Colossal Explosive Wave of Life. Is it a universal “I” or is it an “I” that is still individual but that transcends the separate ego, or is it both simultaneously?

A painting from Nico, check out

A painting from Nico, check out

A tremendous power was mounting when, at a certain point the current of the conversation came back to the man who had shared this realization. Something broke open in him that broke open something in the circle between all of us. It was a deep surrender to the fact of our utter insignificance and our utter significance simultaneously. We collectively saw that if we veered on one side or the other we would not be embracing the whole picture of who we are. The ego could set up refuge in the camp of “insignificance” (“I” don’t really matter and nothing really matters), as it could in the camp of “significance” (“I” am special, “I” am the One). There was awe and wonder at what it means to be individual human beings who are conscious that they are part and parcel of The Colossal Explosive Wave of Life. And, in that, the profound purpose there is in Being Here, fully embracing the fact of our embodiment, knowing who we are and why we are here, without a shred of ambivalence.

After a night and morning of heavy rain, I found myself heading toward the thunderous roar coming from the waterfall at the end of the quinta. My head spinning and a lightness around me, as this wonderful and ungraspable paradox percolated through my being, I came upon the Colossal Explosive Wave of Life in all its raging glory…

winter2 077

Only to come upon greater and even more incandescent Colossal Explosive Currents as I followed the torrent down the echoing gorge of Fraga da Pena…

winter2 080

On the left is the channel that was used to power the mill

On the left is the channel that was used to power the mill

winter2 088winter2 085

Hail the Wonder of Awakened Life!

Love Pete

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