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The Bank of Mizarela

A Radical Cleanse was just what I needed. After my last stay down in the Algarve, where I cooked an awful lot… well I am accustomed to the need for a fast now and again, but the switch to a mostly raw food diet upon arrival at Quinta de Mizarela certainly triggered a response. A lot of response, in fact.

You see, at Mizarela there is bank. A special sort of bank, that accepts deposits for the long term only. A bit of sawdust usually follows to seal the transaction, and the paperwork is left with the local office as well. Our British friends call it a “compost loo”.


(Go figure, why a toilet should be a “loo”. If I spend enough time in Central Portugal I might end up speaking English!)

With this special sort of ATM, oats will likely grow in the near future- one of the essential foods of the raw diet are these wonderful seeds, the merely-soaked whole groat of the plant. I noticed a few of them had undergone the “rite of passage” intact. What with all that good soil…

I shall have to start charging interest on these deposits- I’ve made a major contribution which ought to be recognized. It’s only fair


I had to fast finally, skipped a day or so altogether just to get back on track. We have a long way to go, to get back to the Garden.

Gives new meaning to the term, “Human Resources”


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