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What is Conscious Evolution? The Big Bang & You!

A few people have asked me this question lately because this is one way in which we describe what the Awakened Life Project is dedicated to. So I thought to write a series of short articles describing what we actually mean by conscious evolution or evolutionary spirituality from a few different angles… There are two […]

Boom Festival 2010

We recently returned from experiencing the alternative reality of music, visionary culture, art and spirit called Boom! And boy does it live up to its name with electronic music blaring for 22 hours a day!…Not really my cup of tea but thankfully there were so many interesting and wonderful things going on it proved to […]

Awakening Consciousness in 2010 and Beyond…

In the last few months whatever the The Awakened Life Project is and where it is going has taken a big leap forward…and we a gearing up for an even bigger one in 2010. I feel excited and more than a bit overwhelmed peering into the as-yet-unmanifest future of the next year, because I know […]

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