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Success! Building will Begin – We Hit the Goal!

“Do all you can, and divine energy will always do the rest, but first you must do all you can.”

Peter Ragnar

A view of the Awakened Life Project

A view of the Awakened Life Project

Since the beginning Pete and I have always done all we can do and the Universe has always supported us.  Sometimes it is difficult to not want things to happen on our schedule but we continue to surrender to what is and keep going.  Last December I lost my job which provided most of the financial support for the Awakened Life Project.  When this happened everyone here stepped in and came up with many creative ideas on how to continue to fund what we all believe is a very important project.  One of these ideas was the Meditation Marathon that we did in January.  I suggested the goal at 20,000 euros because I knew that is what we needed to complete the big house.  I think a lot of people thought I was being the optimistic American but I thought why not go for what we need instead of limiting the result by going for what we thought we might be able to raise.

We have had many small and medium donations from many people and the financial and loving support that poured into the project fueled the actual 24 hour meditation that we did.  Something changed that day and things have not been the same since.  We have done powerful 10 and 12 hour meditations since and the people participating have gone deeper and deeper into the mystery of being.  Donations continued to come in and we were at the 3000 euro mark when last Friday a person came forward and made a very large donation so we could reach our goal!

When I spoke to them and they said they would like to do this I was stunned.  Not because I was surprised, because the Universe has never failed us before, but because I felt an overwhelming gratitude to Life itself.  Part of the reason for this was the way the person donated the money.  They are very interested in creating a new culture and they know this is what we are trying to do also.  Within creating a new culture they told me, people have to have a different form of currency or at least a different relationship to money.  This person is not rich so it was not like the money meant nothing to them, giving it was a living example of their integrity in supporting what they believe in.  The transaction was completely impersonal as they were not giving the money to us and we were not receiving the money from them.  They were supporting the evolution of culture and consciousness by supporting us as we do our part in this endeavor.  Because of the context in which the money was given, it was and still is an ecstatic event.  I have never experienced such a “clean” exchange when money has been involved and this adds so much to the actual donation itself as it is an expression of the new culture here and now.

On the same day another friend told us that she has tools and a workshop that we could use to enable us to make the doors and windows. This is a HUGE help as the doors and windows would be the major expense in completing the big house. Right now we are using the big house for storage and it is also our workshop.  We realized that if we renovated the big house we would no longer have storage or workshop space which is sorely needed. So the Universe was one step ahead of us in helping us to realize this before the process had gone too far!

So the latest and greatest plan was born! Because we will be able to save a lot of money on windows and doors we may be able to renovate another building to act as our workshop and storage and even more!

The Big House to the left, Happy House to the right

The Big House to the left, Happy House to the right

Next to the big house is a building that we call the Happy House.  This is because the energy of this building is happy even though it is the ruin in the greatest degree of disrepair.  One day I walked past the Happy House and thought this could be the workshop.  The Happy House sits in the middle of all the other buildings; it has the best access for a workshop and has 2 stories so this will give us 2 rooms below the actual workshop.  One room could be an additional room used for accommodation and the other which is too narrow for many uses will become the communal shower!  Later when we don’t need such a large workshop, it will then become the new meditation room as it is much bigger than the current one and has the most amazing view. It will have windows on all sides so the light can stream in from every direction at all times of the day.

So when  the big house is completed it will contain a loft, a communal kitchen, bathroom, hang out space and mud room AND the Happy House will have a communal shower, extra accommodation and a workshop space!

I met with the builder  to see what the price will be to build the walls and put the roof on in the Happy House.  He came over to take a look and gave us a price that we think we can live with.  He will build the walls all in slate stone, we will make the doors and windows and we will put the original slate roof on!  We have never done anything like this before.  Already we have some enthusiastic folks that want to come over for an old fashioned “roof raising” event!

The Happy House in the forefront.  The whole front "row" will soon be completed!

The Happy House in the forefront. The whole front "row" will soon be completed!

Happy House Inside

This side of the Happy House will remain open and leads into the courtyard that connects it to the Big House.

This side of the Happy House will remain open and leads into the courtyard that connects it to the Big House.

This is very exciting and quite overwhelming as we have moved from the renovation of a partially completed building to doing that and renovating another whole building.  This is a much bigger project than we had expected. I smile as I write this as it is always this way, the Universe always supplies us with what we need and more and it always pushes us beyond our ideas of what is possible.

So now that the money has appeared we started to look for skilled and enthusiastic volunteers. Before we even had a chance to start looking people came forward.  We now have a full team of skilled and not so skilled workers who are all ready to create the next phase of ALP. These next few months are going to be all hands on deck!  The Meditation Marathon kicked us into another dimension and working together to create this space will launch us even higher!

It not too late to donate if you feel so inspired!  Thank you EVERYONE for all the love and support that you have sent this way.  You are the Universe in action and your action is wholeheartedly received! And if you would like to join us for the next 12 hour meditation half-marathon it will be on Sunday 26th March. Please let us know if you would like to come.

Much love from all of us at ALP!

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