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“Striving” in an Evolutionary Context

In a recent email with someone who is interested in coming to the Awakened Life Project we got in a dialog about “striving”. Below is part of the response I sent to him. I hope it gives whoever is reading this a better idea of what we are doing here at the Awakened Life Project.

In my experience I used to “strive” all the time thinking that I had to “understand” or “get” somewhere when eventually I understood deeply that there is nowhere to get other than where one already is. But I had to “strive” to reach this understanding. Once I stopped and found the ground of being and started to become more identified with “That” as “me” opposed to “the personality” then the “striving” changed. It went from trying to get somewhere for “myself” to reaching for something higher (purification) so I can be a fuller expression of consciousness for the sake of evolving human beings to another level.

Sometimes this takes a lot of effort and sometimes not, but the effort is not the most important thing, the most important thing is “am I a fuller expression of my true self?”. If the answer is yes, then how much effort it took is irrelevant.

Pete and I have lived in spiritual community for many years and we have learned a lot of what works and what doesn’t. As we said in the About page we are creating a vortex for people to walk into so they are able to find this deeper part in themselves. How this will look for each individual is unknown but the common thread is of being interested in evolving consciousness through oneself. In order to do this, purification usually has to take place and for that to happen people need to be in an environment that supports the highest part of themselves so they can see their conditioning as not a problem to overcome but something that needs to be seen through and transcended. Lots of times people see their conditioning but if evolution is going to occur it must be transcended.

Pete and I both know that this is not always an easy path. The Awakened Life Project is not about endless therapy, it’s about supporting the part of ourselves that is already free, full of love and courage and ready to go. Supporting this part shines light on all that is in the way and then one can see it in a supportive and impersonal context. Seeing our conditioning as “conditioning” and not as my special problem is a liberating experience when examined with like minded people. This can be very interesting but what is REALLY interesting is when a group of people come together where the emphasis is on that which is beyond all conditioning and then we see where we can all go as human beings together. We have found that in this context the conditioning doesn’t have to go anywhere, it literally fades to the background. Freedom is accessible here and now, there is no time needed to make a choice to be oneself. One may not be able to maintain this but as long as the intention is about freedom then even the mistakes are seen as part of the evolutionary process.

Trust is something that most human beings have trouble with, they usually think that they should trust others, or trust something outside themselves but what is really necessary is for them to trust themselves deeply and then the striving stops and “doing” arises out of “being” and a whole new experience emerges!

Happy New Year everyone!



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