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Spring has Sprung!

YEEEEAAA!!! Spring has sprung here in Central Portugal. Bright ringing lucid blue skies. Yellow mimosa blossoms bobbing on the breeze. Purple mato gracing the hillsides. Pine trees sprouting reaching for the sky. Green shoots declaring the jubilant arrival of new life on the quinta. The procreant urge of the earth trilling with sap, sensation and promise meeting the sun as it scales the sky…


Hmmm man to I love spring! The sap of ever new Life writ Large is humming in my veins. Visions, inspiration and ahh the sheer love and joy of being on this wonderful fecund land. I still can’t quite believe it is ours to nurture and tend, it really is a dream coming true and there is so so much to do!!

We are sowing seeds and planting subtropical trees that will need some protection in winter; avocado, cherimoya and even a mango! Continuing to clear the remaining brush and brambles, the quinta is gradually revealing more of its secrets. The burned pines have been cleared up above and that land will be planted with chestnut, oak and other native deciduous trees come autumn.


And on top of all this we are getting our house renovated starting soon. There is the water system using a miraculous non-power consuming ram pump to figure out including a cistern to gravity feed all the buildings. Then there is a compost toilet to build and a pond for the greywater to dig and…ok it’s one step at a time, it’s going to be a busy Spring!! Any one what to come and give us a hand??? šŸ™‚

Love Pete

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