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Snow at the Quinta!

Hello Everyone!

Its January 20th and as I was walking down to the compost loo this morning to make my morning contribution and I noticed the rain was a bit ´thicker than it usually is! I went to the yurt deck to squeegie off the water and I noticed what was on the deck was a bit thicker than water! By the time I got back into the house it started to snow and over the next hour it REALLY snowed like crazy!

Here are a few photos. I´m glad I took them as the snow only lasted for about an hour. It was gorgeous to see but after 8 years in snowy Massachusetts an hour was just fine with me!


Hey as I am writing this a loud thunder cracked and it’s starting to hail! Wow it sounds like its going to break the roof tiles up. Hang on I’m going to go grab the camera!

OK I’m back. Wow! That was intense! It only lasted about 2 or 3 minutes but it was a long 2 or 3 minutes. Here are some photos!


So even though the weather is freaking me out a bit, here’s how the rest of the family is spending their snowing/hailey/rainy day!


…the cats looking very worried!


…Tux taking over my hot water bottle!


So as I sign off it continues to snow. It’s actually quite beautiful! And for those of you that are worried about the donkeys, they are tucked away snuggly in their house albeit without a hot water bottle!


PS I just found out that it hasn’t snowed like this for 40 years, so said one of the locals. So much for global warming.


  1. sophie says:

    wow! after seeing that i’m gonna stop moaning that it’s cold here today! xx

  2. […] It’s raining so no building work happening. But at least it isn’t snowing like it is at Pete & Cynthia’s. Hopefully spring is on the way though as we’ve had two goose eggs this week! 2 weeks earlier than last year. Also the chickens have been giving eggs all winter (OK it’s only 2 or 3 a week, but we had none all last winter) I think this may be because we’ve finally put a piece of perspex over the window in the chicken shed, so it’s warmer in there now! Stumble it! […]

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