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Seedballs in Spring

“Life on a small farm might seem primitive, but by living such a life we become able to discover the Great Path.”

Masanobu Fukuoka


Masanobu Fukuoka is one of my biggest inspirations in this journey of developing a new conscious awareness of our co-creative existence in the world of nature. His idea of making seedballs is so simple, and yet this idea has the potential to regreen the earth and enable us to grow an enormous variety of food crops in all kinds of conditions.


It was Flower day on the biodynamic calendar so we had a lot of fun making and scattering seedballs of beans and sunflower all over the quinta from the valley floor to the mountainside. The idea being that the beans will climb up the sunflowers as both simultaneously reach to kiss the sun. Together with volunteer Mike, I mixed up a muddy stew of clayey earth, composted humus, wood ash and seeds. It took me back to making mud pies as a kid!


Once it had a nice sticky consistency that could be moulded into balls all three of us filled our buckets and headed off to scatter them.


Hey check out this seedball!


As we enjoyed a well earned lunch of fresh quinta salad and local vinho a light rain started to fall, moistening our seedballs for the journey of growth ahead. Perfect!

More from Fukoka on the reunification of God, Nature and Man:

Man cannot be successful in his attempts to return to nature unless he knows what True Nature and God are…

The soul of Nature is also the will of God who dwells in Nature…

The fragmented development of knowledge which expands outward without aim or direction has brought human thought to the extremes of confusion, recklessly splitting apart God, Nature and Man, which were originally One Indivisible Whole…

As the mind voids and one thinks of nothing one is able to contact Nature. When you are thinking you hear nothing. Your eyes may be open but you see nothing. Looking is not seeing and listening is not hearing…

Unless one becomes a fool and renounces ones attachments one cannot dance in the world of birds…

By renouncing everything and breaking away from the world of ideas one can discover—how very simple it is—that the world of Nothing has Everything and enables one to lead the richest Life possible.

Aren’t there people who spend 10-20 years in meditation and yet are unable to quiet the mind for more than a minute or two? Might it not be easier to achieve detachment by becoming a perfect fool and swinging hoe in hand?

The form of God finds expression in the form of Mother Nature. Thus the Breath of God becomes Nature and the Heart of Nature makes Man human. Nature, God and Man share One Heart and One Life.

Nature is both the creator of Man and his greatest teacher.

Man has turned his back on God and clearly created an image of himself as the only organism on earth estranged from Nature.

So be IT!


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  1. Sofia Santos Pereira says:

    True, true, true…!!!!
    “We can’t live in this world, but there is nowhere else to go” (Kerouac)- SO MAYBE THIS IS THE WAY!

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