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Riding the Frontier of Consciousness


I came here with my friend Lawrence on a hitchhiking trip across Europe to gather experience and inspiration to bring back to our lives as students in the UK. When we saw the Awakened Life Project we immediately resonated with the project vision and we knew that we had to come!

My experience was one that I can almost guarantee is now rooted within me and is one that is not going to be forgotten during my lifetime. During my time at the Awakened Life Project not only did I develop a balanced symbiotic relationship with the natural physical quinta, but this place allowed me to open myself up and, at times, delve into the deepest parts of my being especially during the meditations and conscious conversation groups. During these times I experienced myself moment for moment completely at one with all things.


The spirit of the quinta and the energy that resonated from the beautiful people who run it and live there, meant that it was difficult for me to not feel a form of heightened consciousness all the time, whether it was meditating in the yoga room, strolling through the beautifully rich permaculture garden, bathing in one of the many water fall pools or enjoying one of the delicious raw food meals! I felt open, free and youthful in this place of honesty and progression through evolution. The Awakened Life Project  physical trajectory is unknown and the momentum of this place is moving it to metaphysical places that are yet to be discovered….



There are not many places that allow you to feel like you are collectively riding the frontier of all consciousness, but at times this is how one feels here.

Dan Lee

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