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Renewable Energy & Changing the World

Solar, hydro, wind power…yes we need renewable energy! But that isn’t going to do much to serve our further evolution unless we increase, awaken, and expand our own energy. After all, this is what we want isn’t it—more positive and sustained energy that we can rely on as we work toward the objectives that excite us? We want to feel we have an inexhaustible and buoyant reservoir of forward-looking energy that will sustain us through these tipping point times.

So what is it that obscures, inhibits and obstructs our own inexhaustible source of renewable energy? Self-imposed limitations and patterns. Masks that cover over the creative power of the individual. Many people may be active and productive, but at the same time they persuade themselves that they don’t have far-reaching imagination. That’s the key mistake.

From one point of view waking up simply means engaging the imagination and then acting without hesitation. Then, step by step or all at once, everything old and obsolete falls away like an old skin and we find ourselves inhabiting a fresh and thrilling new world.

What is “the world” as we know it anyway? Do we simply choose to paint the world as it is over and over again, so our lives fundamentally consist of painting the same painting? The challenge is to flip a switch so deep inside that we can begin inventing new worlds…


The mundane world of limitation, the same old “me”, is the painting one comes back to when one can’t think of anything else to paint. Then one asks “the world” for permission to exist instead of creating it.

If we want to “change the world” we want to ignite a fire inside ourselves that leads to creating what was not there before. To do that we have to assume our rightful place at the centre of the universe—as a limitless creator!

Answer that you are here – that life exists and identity,
that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.

Walt Whitman

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