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Reflections on the Meditation Marathon

I certainly didn’t expect that after 5 hours of almost continuing sitting meditation that I would find myself wishing I could stay on and on, even despite the numbing sensation in my legs!!

There was certainly an invisible current of energy bonding the sitting group together and as each hour went by, this seemed to get deeper, and I became more still and less involved with the content of my mind. During my last hour I resolved to come back for the next morning sessions and join those intrepid sitters who were going right through the night.


And so I found myself staggering down the steep descent to Quinta da Mizarela from my home further up the valley, in the early morning darkness, my cushion fastened to my back, to the 7am sitting! Silence and flashlights greeted me, and a warm smile from Mim. And amazingly there we all were again sitting in that invisible current of energy. Each of us silently witnessing the passing phenonema of thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations.

So, as Cynthia shared, it was never in doubt that they would manage to meditate for 24hrs!, they had all embraced ‘a clarity of intention’, a powerful beam of focussed consciousness, that began in that first hour and remained constantly through to the end.

Much Love to all

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