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Reflections on Meditation Retreat

By Steve Nicholls


I had always been extremely wary of meditation, because I had observed that much of it involves chanting strange words that I do not know the meaning of, or listening to music. I was also aware of some people of very sound mind who say that most meditation leads to dissociation and suppression of feelings. Having had a spiritual experience many years ago, I was therefore cautious about anything that leads me down the wrong path… not that I am afraid of anything… but it is just time wasting, and quite frankly mind numbing. I think I would rather watch a television soap.

Nevertheless, I wanted to go on Pete Bampton’s meditation weekend, because I saw some of his YouTube videos, and many other things drew me to his Awakened Life Project. I could see, in his project, great similarities between what he was trying to achieve, and what I was trying to achieve. I managed to get on one at short notice, and Pete told me that no experience of previous meditation (as was my case) was a good thing! So… off I went…

I could not believe the simplicity of Pete’s meditation. There was practically nothing to it. But it was deep, and intense. By the end of the weekend, a powerful bond had formed in the group of people.

What really interested me though, was how some people in the group were restless, and even wanted to leave. I recognised this immediately as fear, generated by the ego. But these people were carried through by the power of the group.

The next day was the biggest surprise. I woke up feeling energised, and totally empowered! So I did a meditation in the morning, as Pete suggested, and felt great after it.

I now intend to incorporate this into my life as a way of ensuring that people do not come into conflict in communities, as is so often the case, and perhaps even set up a small community with some Awakened life “graduates” to explore what is possible. So yeah, that weekend was an eye opener for me, even if my eyes were closed most of the time!!

So… if you have read this far, and are curious… but perhaps afraid… I would say “Go for it!”


I would like to end with a quote by Lisa Rogers, and by “god” I would emphasize that this is our innermost consciousness, that in this life what we so desperately need to connect with:


God said, “Come to the edge.”

I said, “But I might fall!”

God said, “Come to the edge.”

I said, “But I’m scared!

God said, “Come to the edge.”

I went to the edge, He pushed me, and I FLEW!


  1. Hi steve
    I am so happy for you that at last you went for it and experienced the innermost awakening of the soul.
    Everything happens in its time, the most imprtant is to keep on focusing , without being attached to the outcome. Welcome to the spiritual community. Tell people around you about your experience, you will help them find their way.
    Mirna K

  2. Steve Nicholls says:

    Hi Mirna

    Thanks for your comments. Yes, I think what’s needed is to bring this Awakening to the everyday world. I hope it happens soon


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