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Coming back to Life: Reflections from a Volunteer

By Olga

I decided to volunteer on at the Awakened Life Project to learn about myself and sustainable living. I imagined that I would have an opportunity sink more deeply into myself, working on the land and meditating, with the hope of finding some sort of balance or peace. As it turned out I found myself immersed in a much more authentic experience than anything I could have imagined or planned!

I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the land and the abundance of Nature. As I ate raw, fresh food every day my body woke up and became more in tune with the awe I felt for the place. The more wild greens I ate the more real everything appeared! One could say that I just had more stimulation for my senses being there, but I literally felt like I was coming back to Life.


But the most important part of the experience, that really brought me in touch with the stream of Life, was being with Cynthia and Pete. They generously offered me a real, straight and caring environment. They gave attention to the higher part of me which, as I am learning now, has been in pursuit of freedom for quite a long time. They refused to cooperate with my manipulations, responding with great kindness, but firmly to my ego when necessary. Sometimes it was funny and obvious when I realized how the ego works, but sometimes it was difficult and challenging. At those times I could always count on Cynthia and Pete for support and words of wisdom.

I found my month at the Awakening Life Project so inspiring on all levels: the morning meditations, the one day silent work/meditation day we did together, the Conscious Evolution group, the reintegration massages with Cynthia, our Quinta communal meetings, working on the beautiful land, the delicious raw food…

So I am planning to come back for a longer stay next Spring.


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