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Permaculture Pathway Summer 2009

Well summertime has been simmering with the sheer ecstasy of Life here on the Quinta, and especially in the garden!

I dont know if it is the donkey manure (thanks fellas!), the Effective Microorganisms, or my TLC but what was previously quite poor compacted soil is now yielding an abundance of veggies! Only problem is they are all ripening faster than we can eat them! But there are no problems in permaculture so we are giving our excess away…

donkeybridge 0451.JPG

Also the Sunflowers I planted have turned into giants which the beans are gladly entwining with…

donkeybridge 0421.JPG
donkeybridge 043.JPG

So we got tomatoes, courgettes, beans, peppers, corn, cucumber and greens of kinds along with all the pears and apples and wild plums that are appearing on all the old fruit trees since we liberated them from a mass of brambles last winter…Interestingly the biggest tomatoes, cucumbers and sunflowers have grown on the patch where I spread our first batch of humanure, which only strengthens my conviction that flush toilets are a travesty and should be banned!

permsummer 075.JPG
permsummer 077.JPG
…plus some huge pumpkins and squash!
permsummer 073.JPG
This one is 13 kilos!

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