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Off Grid Blues

Another wild wet and windy day, well at least it is not sub zero temperatures like northern Europe. After waiting in vain this morning for about 20 mins for the water to get warm through our woodburner heating system so I could have a real shower—which I really need!—I spontaneously found myself channelling my frustration through my guitar, hope you enjoy! For the geetar players out there its a slow shuffle in E…


Off Grid Blues

Well we aint got no power
Cos we aint got no sun
Aint got no hot water
Cos the pump needs sun to run…
And we getting cold
And the wind is a-howling through
So we sittin here by the fire
C7 B7 E
With the off-grid blues

Its been 5 days
The sun aint shone yet
We livin by candlelight
And cant get on the internet…
Yeah it can be tough
But there is really nuthin we can do
So we just sit here by the fire
With the off-grid blues

Well we got plenty of water
But no hydro system yet
We cant get the car up the track
So we cant get to the market…
And a hydro system costs a lotta money
Have you hard the economic news?
So we just count our blessings by the fire
With the off-grid blues

Might not have any power
But we got cats and dogs around
They help us thru the hard times
Cos they don’t let it get them down…
Yeah they keep our spirits high
Our purpose straight, strong and true
Now they all snoozing around the fire
With the off-grid blues

Well its rainin and windy
And I don’t know what to do
The wind is blowin everything away
The roof is comin off the compost loo..
Well I can’t handle it now
So guess I´ll make us a good strong brew
And we´ll sit by the fire
With the off-grid blues

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  1. Roberta says:

    Fabulous! I loved it and everyone in my office here thinks it’s great as well!

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