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Meditation Marathon – A Huge Success!

Wow we never could have guessed the energy this event would created, in fact we are stlll not sure exactly what happened! Here at the project we were flying high before it even started! We had so many responses of people wishing us well and sending donations. Click here for the 16 hours and counting post that gives details of the pre marathon activities!

Saturday 10 AM finally came. Adam, Mim, Laura, Pete and I all sat down to begin. It was a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies. Our schedule was to be sit for 45 min, have a 15 min break and sit for 45 min. 3 times during the 24 hours we had 30 min breaks to give us a chance to eat some soup and take care of other “essentials”.

From the beginning the simplicity was absolutely stunning only to be matched by the incredible stillness. It was amazing how fast time went by. For some of us the first 12 hours was seamless and somewhat easy, others had a more challenging time at the beginning but after a mere 10 hours sank in! It was a bizarre experience to know one had meditated for 4 hours (which normally would seem like a lot!) and know that there was still 20 more hours to go!

At 2:00 pm Annelieke, Jutta, River and Emma all joined us and Mim took a 4 hour break to make food, move the donkeys, bring more firewood, etc. She was great, it was like having a silent elf supplying us with all we needed.

The field of meditation was strong from the beginning and only got stronger as time went by. Many of us had the experience of being “meditated” as it became effortless. Sometimes this state was occurring simultaneously with incredible back, shoulder, neck and knee pain which was very interesting.

Richard dropped in for an hour at 5 pm. River and Emma expected to stay for 2 hours. Emma stayed for 3 and River finally made himself leave at 7 pmas he had friends coming over. Annelieke and Jutta were expecting to sit for 2 or 3 hours for the first stretch but stayed hour after hour. They left for a little while then came back until 11pm. Mim came back to do a 6pm to 10pm shift and finally went to bed at 4 am.

As the sun went down the moon came up. The moon was bright creating beautiful shadows in the valley. The meditation room was warm and it was a beautiful contrast to walk out into the crisp cold, starry night. The night sky added to the timeless experience of the whole event.

Different people had different internal experiences that I am sure they will write about in future blog posts. From the outside everyone was still, even though there were physical challenges it didn’t affect the stillness at all.

During the 6:30 am break bodies emerged out of the shadows of the moonlight. Annelieke and Jutta emerged from the yurt, Mim came down from the bus and we saw a light on the trail across the valley coming our way. It was River who we didn’t expect to see . We expected people to join us for the last hour and were happily surprised that the group came together for the last 3 hours.

Sometime during the last hour the bright sun broke over the crest of the mountain and light streamed into the room. When the final chime sounded we sat quietly for a minute or so. As I opened my eyes I was surprised to see 7 other people as the experience was there was no one in the room. We were unified in a field of love and meditation.  Adam looked at me and we embraced as we knew we had both been challenged and we both had remained still. Warm smiles emerged on everyone’s faces. We were all in awe of what had occurred as we sat quietly together on the side of this mountain in central Portugal.

We sat for another hour swapping stories of challenges and joys. We appreciated each other, we appreciated LIFE and we celebrated it in our silence and in our laughter together.


The donations came to about 2500 euros. This is less than our goal but is enough to buy half of the doors and windows for the big house which is fantastic. AND if you haven’t donated yet or you want to donate again we happily supply you with the button below! For information about what this event was all about click here.

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  1. River says:

    I certainly didn’t expect that after 5 hours of almost continuing sitting meditation that I would find myself wishing I could stay on and on, even despite the numbing sensation in my legs.
    There was certainly an invisible current of energy bonding the sitting group together and as each hour went by, this seem to get deeper, and I became more still and less involved with the content of my mind.
    During my last hour I resolved to come back for the next morning sessions and join those intrepid sitters who were going right through the night.
    And so I found my way staggering down the steep descent to quinta misarela, in the early morning darkness, my cushion fastened to my back, to the 7am sitting. Silence and flashlights greeted me, and a warm smile from Mim. And there we all were again sitting in that invisible current of energy. Each of us silently witnessing the passing phenonema of thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations.
    So as Cynthia shared, it was never in doubt that they would manage to meditate for 24hrs!, they all had embraced ‘a clarity of intention’ a powerful beam of focussed consciouness that began in that first hour and remained constantly through to the end.
    Much Love to all

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