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Meditation & Conscious Conversation Group

The Meditation & Conscious Conversation group is beginning again for 2009. We will gather at the Roundhouse at Quinta da Cabeca do Mato at 7.30pm on Monday evenings from the 30th March.


The intention behind this group is to provide a regular space and place in our lives where we can drop our “personal story” and embark on an evolutionary journey together. We come together to embrace the primordial energy of Life as both stillness and creativity.

This Awakening is a natural process but it must be engaged with intention to unfold within and between us. Thus the only requirements are a sincere openness and interest in exploring new and undiscovered country together. We commit to leaving our personal history and opinions behind so that there is space for a deep free-form restructuring of awareness.

For first half of the group we gather in a circle for 45mins of silent meditation, in which we experience deep relaxation and the formless freedom of pure energy and pure being. In the second half, after a short break in silence, we gather once more, and open ourselves up for the creative expression of the Mystery that is alive in the field between us.


In that unknown space, most importantly, we listen. When someone speaks, we listen for the deepest resonance in what they are saying. If we feel moved we respond to the expression that rings with the greatest spiritual presence and power. When something profound touches us in what someone else has shared, we may reflect it back to them, or to share it with the group. By building a field of deep listening and deepening inquiry, we create a powerful supportive container for each of us to step into when we speak.


As the habitual thinking self relaxes through listening and responding in this way, we open the gates of deeper and deeper dimensions of awakened intuition, knowing and perception. Trusting in the palpable natural ground of unity alive in the circle, our being fills with the intelligence of love, not knowing, and innocence. We discover that our original face is not a personal identity but is Life itself. In that discovery we begin to intuit what it would mean to experience ordinary life without limits and to live together beyond the boundaries of our personal identities.


The tone of the group may vary widely from deep silence to passionate flights of inspiration, from profound awe and seriousness to wild laughter and joy… in all this we can discover the magical play of individuality in the field of awakened community. We allow ourselves to be transformed by Life’s healing, vitalizing energies, we experience what it means to love and be loved by Life, and become one with the flowing source of joy, health and creative power.

My hope in initiating this group is that it will be a forum in which participants can transform forever their sense of separation, alienation and helplessness, into one of connection, communion and cosmic purpose.


Consciousness is calling. There is a deeply felt imperative pushing into the collective psyche for those of us who make room for it. I believe it is the call of our collective evolutionary destiny. Those who open themselves to this call are the evolutionary pioneers that create and shape the energetic paradigm that is available for all who follow. While a small gathering may feel like an isolated beacon, if we are sincere in our passion for transformation now, we are seeding the future.

If this resonates with you then please come and join us.

If you have any questions please call 966333187



  1. Pete says:

    This sounds really interesting and just what is needed these days to bring people together in a deeper shared experience of what it means to be human.

  2. Pete says:

    Very interesting idea!

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