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Living from a Deep Ease of Being

By Caroline van Veggel


I was very fortunate to be able to visit the Awakened Life Project this summer. I knew Cynthia and Pete Bampton from years ago when we all discovered spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen who inspired us profoundly with his example of how to live an evolutionarily enlightened life. We lost contact for some time and then out of nowhere I saw them on Facebook and made contact. After some email exchanges they invited me to visit them and so at the beginning of August I arrived in the beautiful area of Benfeita, Portugal.

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I was very impressed by what I saw at the Awakened Life Project. A beautiful green mountain and everything had a deep ease, I had no idea that such a beauty would exist in real time and space and not only in a movie!

I had to get use to the mountains, as being a Dutch person who is used to flat landscapes it took me a while to adjust, but what a beauty, everything was green and so well taken care of!


Nearby there was a waterfall with such pure water that you could drink from it, and a mountain pool where I took very refreshing morning dips with everyone in the mornings. The food is more then awesome, you can taste the sun and liveliness of the place and you can feel Nature’s appreciation for their care, I really don’t exaggerate!

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But what struck me most was the meditative atmosphere and the way that Pete and Cynthia pursue their dream together with four other dedicated members of this project. Their vision of creating a new culture in a rural setting through perma-culture and evolutionary enlightenment became more tangible the longer that I was there.


Whether during meditation, or deep conversations, or working together or simply having fun, a current of liberating joy was present. Sometimes I just heard a scream of joy from out of the garden, as new vegetables were found to be ready to eat!

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I was impressed by a constant ease of being while they were finding out together how they want to move on practically, what to create first, how to get money, who would do what. They walk their talk of being an authentic expression “living the truth of unity”.


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If you have the chance to take the time to follow one of their courses, retreats, treatments or spent some time with them as a volunteer I highly recommend it. They are creating a paradise on earth working with the laws of nature and their vision to create together a better world through an evolutionary worldview. It was a real privilege to have been there.


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  1. Joanna says:

    I wholeheartedly agree Caroline, with everything you wrote, a beautiful inspiring place, something deep and creative and profound occuring there, definitely a place to go if you’re able to see and experience conscious, creative living in action!!

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