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John the Woodburner Man

A while back we were looking for a woodburning stove. We didn’t want the generic ones we saw in the stores, we wanted something more unique. So as it happens here in Portugal we put the word out to a few people and low and behold our friend Dick knew someone who knew someone who sold stoves!

This is how we found John. What a character and great guy. He’s American and lived in Denmark for 20 years. 2 years ago he moved to Portugal and brought with him a truck full of German, Dutch, Swedish stoves, most are antiques.


He is passionate about stoves and going into his house is like a stove museum! He also is passionate about motorcycles so mixed in with the stoves is a Harley and BMW. If one goes there you will also meet Jessica the blind English Bulldog.


Prices range from 300 euros to 850 euros. Please give John a call 239 971 039 if you are interested in seeing any of his stoves. Heres’ a few photos!

Cheers, Cynthia


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