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How to Build a Compost Toilet Part 2

Danny Law, friend and Master Eco-Builder, recently came by to bring our compost loo up to decidedly posh standard. We used pine off cuts from the local wood yard to build the walls inside and outside, so hopefully it won´t be as windy in there as it was last winter!


Its got a very beautiful view so one can gaze at the surrounding green while one is giving their donation. And while passersby along the trail on the other side of the valley can be viewed from inside while sitting, with testing we have ascertained that they cannot see sitters below shoulder height!


Danny and resident volunteer Pavlik put the finishing touches with a nice paint job inside.


And now we even have a toilet roll holder, luxury or what?


We are very grateful to Danny for all the care, time and energy he put into creating such a solid structure with cutting edge design. Danny is planning to settle in the area soon and would be interested to offer his services as a gifted eco-builder to any who would be interested. You can reach him at



  1. Sarah says:

    i love the pic of you cynthia pointing to the toilet roll holder so proudly!!

  2. Pete says:

    Well you have to show pride in the face of such posh-ness!

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