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Growth in the Garden of the Awakened Life Project

By Marko Maitz

Coming to the Awakened Life Project a while ago, I was only interested in one thing: Is this place really about Awakened Life ? Does this Project really live up to its name?

Pedro & Marko

Pedro & Marko

… I started my journey to Portugal with the commitment of following my interests: I had dedicated the last years of my life mostly to Yoga practice and experiments in Permaculture (“permaculture” in the widest sense of the word) before it got clear to me how essential the company of like minded people was …


When I first arrived at Quinta the Mizarela I was impressed by the natural beauty of the mountain valley, the waterfalls and the clear air full of energy, but what really excited me was to directly experience what this place is all about – it got crystal clear for me that I had come to the absolutely right place!

Almost immediately I was struck by the authenticity of people here. Experiencing the community of people who drop the ideal of how they want to be and reveal the beauty of their real selves is endlessly wonderful.

In very many ways I felt stronger than ever that I had arrived at home.

Pedro, Jose, Marko, Scott & Pete

Pedro, Jose, Marko, Scott & Pete

Finding out how much clarity, experience and authenticity in the understanding of the true meaning of words like “enlightenment” and “spirituality” there is here does not cease to amaze me. There is quite a bit of new vocabualry in the language used, but the overall message is absolutely clear: Realize what you really are and live it – strive to live free in the world as a true expression of your highest Self!

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The people that live here are commited to this process – their strength and clarity of intention creates a catalyzing field which encourages and facilitates the process, which is here called the “evolution of consciousness”. In fact the whole place here is designed for  human development so that it does not allow anything else, but to grow and unfold.


Anybody who is ready to immerse themselves in this stream of development can experience what I am describing and will be able to witness that the seed of an entirely new culture is germinating here – a new way to live is actually manifesting.

So after having the privilege of being at Quinta da Mizarela for many weeks (many more will follow!) while endlessly benefiting in so many ways, I can clearly answer the question which was on my mind when I decided to come here:

Oh Yes – The Awakened Life Project does fully live up to its name!

Marko is now head of the wood department!

Marko is now head of the wood department!

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  1. Bradley says:

    Your community is interesting to me and I’m at a time in my life when I need to refresh my mind and body. I have had two wonderful careers, one as a builder and the other as a restaurant manager. Cooking and building have always been my passions and always will. I would like to visit your community maybe after the New Year, does your area have four seasons?

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