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Exploding After Rain

After plentiful and much needed rain in April the dry stream is now gushing pure mountain water across the Quinta and over our waterfall. It is a wondrous sight to behold and also wondrously bracing to take a dip in!

Mizarela Waterfall.jpg

Down from this waterfall which borders the Project stretches the amazing gorge of Fraga da Pena. It means Gorge of Pity in Portuguese, which must have been some medieval morbid Catholic interpretation of this gorgeous gorge, so we are renaming it Fraga de Alegria or Gorge of Joy!

Fraga Flowing Down.jpg

It was voted one of the top 10 beauty spots in Portugal recently and after the rains it is echoing with raw elemental splendour.

There is something about waterfalls I find completely captivating. If Nature is a mirror then the rushing waters and explosive fronds of incandescent spray evoke the Uncontainable Mystery of Life in all its wild glory…

Dual Waterfall.jpg

Crashing clear cascades

Seething dance of the cosmos

Freefalling abandon

White light

Ever mounting crescendo

Fount of Life



Shouts I AM…

Forever ungraspable

Forever flowing

Forever felt in the Soul

Water in front.jpg

May you find the fount of freefall!

Love Pete

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  1. joao says:

    different interpretations for “fraga da pena”

    “medieval morbid Catholic interpretation”
    that sounds funny !?

    those in Piódão

    see ya soon


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