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Evolutionary Events!

We have been so inspired by the response to our different events this spring and this just feeds our passion to give more and more as we move into summer. We had a beautiful open day here with 24 people last weekend…


We did a tour of the different elements of the permaculture farm…


and everyone had plenty of time to enjoy the waterfalls of Fraga da Pena just below the Quinta…


But what made this Open Day so inspiring was the genuine interest that everyone had in the spiritual foundation of what we are creating here. Many were interested in our experience of community and how we actually endeavor to live together in a context that transcends individual and collective patterns of ego and it was a joy to engage with this depth of interest…


You can see more photos here

New opportunities and connections keep emerging and this weekend we will be presenting the Awakened Life Project at opposite ends of Portugal. On Saturday 9 July at 13:15, Adam & Mim will give a talk and slideshow about the Project at the Feira Alternativa in Porto in the auditorium at the Palacio Cristal. This is there first time doing a public presentation of the Project and they will be sharing much from their own experience of living here.


Cynthia and I have been invited to the Global Ecovillage Network Summit at Tamera in Alentejo. This promises to be a very interesting event with people attending from all over the world. We are going to give a slideshow presentation of the Project and will also give a workshop called “A New Evolutionary We”, in which we will explore what it really means to create a new culture based on the truth of unity and open this up for a shared inquiry:

A New Evolutionary We

More and more people are recognizing that the crisis of sustainability is a crisis of consciousness. In response to this, many are responding to the call to come together, to heal the ecological destruction of our world and to create the New.

But what does it authentically mean to create the New? Are we willing to face and transcend the structures of personal and collective ego consciousness that inhibit and resist our evolutionary development as a species? How can we discover a shared spiritual foundation and perspective that is universal, contemporary and practical that empowers us to break through these barriers and come together as one to create the future?

In this presentation we will explore what creating a new culture really means in an evolutionary context. We will share the challenges and the profound liberation and shared purpose that we have experienced in developing The Awakened Life Project .

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