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Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth: The Creation of an Awakened Culture Beyond Ego

Would you prefer to become a spiritually awakened human being all alone and then find a way to fit into the existing reality or would you prefer to spiritually awaken in a shared context with many others with a view to transforming the existing reality?

For those of us who aspire to create Heaven on Earth the most important thing is the shared culture we create in our relationships with one another. How can we relate in such a way that the spiritual reality of who we really are, beyond our separate egos, comes to the fore and defines our actions?

In most traditional spiritual paths the individual discovers the revelation of One Consciousness through a solitary inner journey of meditation and transcendence. Anyone can experience egoless consciousness in the stillness of his or her own meditation. But the future is calling for something more…


The next step in the evolutionary development of humanity is based upon a breakthrough to a shared experience and recognition of consciousness beyond ego. It is a leap from extreme individuation to a higher We consciousness in which it is possible to experience exactly the same overwhelming revelation of the absolute dimension with our eyes open, in a context that is not one of withdrawal and stillness but one of creativity and engagement.

We discover a state of consciousness in which we are each aware that there is only One and yet, simultaneously, we are engaging as many; a state in which we are able to experience profound communion and powerful autonomy at the very same time. When this occurs we experience ourselves as being one with the energy and intelligence that created the universe and it is experienced in the body, in relationship, not only in the stillness of inner revelation.

Join Peter Bampton on a journey into this new human potential…



LISBON: 11 April, 2011: 10.00 – 14.00, Academia Artes Orientais, 40€ per person