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Who Am I & Why Am I Here?: Evolution Beyond Ego

SEMINAR  2-3 hours


Multimedia Presentation: Meditation: Dialogue



As we awaken to the planetary crises facing us, more and more of us are awakening to our role as co-creators of the future. We’re awakening to a new spirituality in which there is no longer any separation between the transformation of ourselves and the evolution of the world. At the heart of this awakening is the evolutionary impulse—the impulse to participate in the evolution of life, culture and consciousness itself.

If you are someone who sees and feels that the future is in our hands, you are aware that there has never been more potential for spiritual transformation than at this moment in history. So many of us are longing to actually create a new world—one based on a recognition that the “inner” and the “outer,” consciousness and culture, are one, and that who we are isn’t separate from the 14-billion-year epic of cosmic evolution.

In this workshop I will take you on an experiential journey into these questions. I will share a perspective and an expansion of identity that is based on the enlightened realization that we are not separate from the evolutionary process itself. In other words, we aren’t simply individuals, living out our personal lives, fears, and desires here on planet Earth; we are actually the Universe itself, which is striving to become more aware and conscious of itself through the hearts and minds of evolving human beings.

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