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Conscious Evolution Course 2011


With Peter Bampton


An Emergent Potential

Evolutionary Spirituality, and the new culture it promises, is something we can deliberately and consciously bring into being together, if we care deeply enough about the potential it is pointing to. But it is not something that can be simply manufactured through sitting in a circle and practicing a certain technique or generating a particular emotional state. It is an emergent perspective, or state of consciousness, that bursts forth spontaneously and miraculously only when the conditions are right. “Emergent” means that it is something greater than the sum of its parts—a new order of relatedness, a new level of consciousness, a deeper and higher perspective that is always unimaginable until the moment it explodes into existence.

Andrew Cohen


Do you feel that we are entering a new era in which current forms of spirituality, philosophy and activism are insufficient to meet the evolutionary challenge of our times? Are you longing to awaken the fullness of your energy and potential as a human being? Are you seeking a liberation that far transcends your personal desires and fears? Are you looking for communion, connection and purpose?

If you do feel this way then you are not alone. More and more conscious individuals feel called by something far beyond the common mindset and values of our culture. We know that our world has entered a crisis that calls each of us to embrace a new context and higher purpose for human life. We know that we have to find a way to come together beyond the extreme individualism and materialism of modern society to BE THE CHANGE and help create a brighter future.

So what is the next stage in the evolution of humanity? Are you ready for the greatest adventure that there is…the ADVENTURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS??

The good news is that this emergence has already begun. It is right here right now accessible to all who are open and sincere in their intention to evolve. There is a new sensibility that has begun to spontaneously emerge at the leading edge of consciousness and culture through the combined influence of progressive spiritual groups, philosophers, and scientists. While still small in numbers this movement has revolutionary potential and is spreading fast.

To get an idea of what I mean watch this video of participants in a retreat that spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen recently led in Colorado, USA…

I invite you to join me for an experiential journey into the clarity, power and passion of the emerging new consciousness.

This course will provide an experiential and comprehensive journey into the greatest adventure that there is—the transformation of yourself, your relationships and our world.

As well as being a student attending a course you will also be one of a group of individuals committed to sharing and supporting each other in the journey of transformation. If all are committed we will develop an extraordinary field of trust, unity and creative passion and you will no longer feel alone in your journey.


Sessions will include some meditation,  a presentation, sometimes using multimedia, and opportunity for question and answer. I am committed to answering every question that you have as we meet together to the best of my ability.

The course has 12 sessions and is divided into two semesters. Each semester costs between 150-180 euros depending on the costs of the location and my travel expenses. Once you have completed the first semester it is your choice whether to continue with the second semester in 2011. All earnings from this course will go to support the development of the Awakened Life Project.

Course topics include:

  • What is Spirit or Consciousness?
  • The 3 Dimensions of Self – Eternal Self, Ego Self and Evolving Self
  • The 5 Keys to Evolutionary Transformation
  • The Big Bang & You
  • Meditation & Why it Works
  • Understanding and Transcending Ego
  • The Evolutionary Context
  • Stages of Consciousness Development
  • States of Consciousness
  • The 3 Faces of Spirit
  • Discover Your Purpose
  • A New Moral Context That Liberates
  • Integrating Masculine & Feminine Energies
  • The New Womens/Mens Liberation
  • Conscious Sexuality
  • Integral Philosophy
  • Integral Health & Diet
  • Subtle Energy Practices – Qi Gong
  • Enlightened Relationships
  • Evolution of Culture
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • The Dream of the Earth
  • Creativity
  • Spiritual Activism

If you are interested in attending this course or would like more information please contact:

This video clip is from a seminar in Lisbon about collective spiritual evolution: