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Custodians of a Piece of Paradise in Portugal!

The deal is done, the sale is complete! On December 3rd we became the official custodians of Quinta da Mizarela. It’s been a beautiful process getting to know the owners and the people of the surrounding villages. The final process proved to be just as beautiful.

We met everyone at 2:30 on a Monday at the Notary Office in Arganil. When I say everyone I mean everyone! Because we were actually buying from two sets of owners everyone who was involved with the ownership had to sign the official papers.

So we had Antonio (the spoonmaker), Antonio’s mother Celeste, and Antonio’s wife (Fernanda) there.

Then there was Elsa’s bit of the property. So Elsa was there, Elsa’s grandmother and Elsa’s husband.


As we waited in the office it was very sweet. The men were at the counter and all of the women sat in a row in chairs. Fernanda was crying as it hit her that they were actually selling the property and I knelt in front of her to tell her how happy and grateful I was to be buying the quinta. I’m not sure she really knew what to do with me as we had never met before but I didn’t care, I just wanted her to know that I loved the land as she did.

Elsa’s grandmother and Celeste spoke of their love for the land (and of course how great the water is and how big the potatoes will grow!). Elsa said she had a dream that her grandfather was angry with her for selling the land. She told her grandmother and her grandmother told her she was crazy!

With my limited Portuguese and Elsa’s limited English we were able to communicate; although most of the communication was through the heart. They were so beautiful and I could feel their happiness, sadness, joy and trust. I told them I would take very good care of the land and they didn’t need to worry.


When we handed the check to Antonio he also was in tears. He’s such a sweet man and it means a lot to him to not only sell the land but also to have the land revived. The tears were quickly followed up with helpful suggestions on how to prune the olive trees.

I felt very honored to be trusted by this group of people as they entrusted us with the land they all loved so much.

It was finally time to go into inner office. It was all very formal and official as we sat around a huge table. The notary sat at another table in front of us and read all the papers in Portuguese and then in English. It was quite a ceremony and it continued to hit me the responsibility that Pete and I were taking on. We were not just signing papers and paying money, it was much bigger than that. The weight and joy of the responsibility came over me.


Celeste was first to sign and we found out that she couldn’t sign her name so she used her fingerprint. After that one at a time we all signed the papers.


In a way it was very simple and non-dramatic and at the same time something very beautiful occurred. Pete and I both feel the obligation that we have to create this project not only for the people in the room that day but to the higher power that has guided us here.

For me it is quite something to have the sale completed. I woke up the next morning and felt deeply happy. The first chapter is now complete and we are on to chapter two. Doors continue to open for us; I can’t believe how full our days are. So much to do, sometimes completely overwhelming but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, doing anything else!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this process! Stay tuned…


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