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Meditation & Conscious Conversation Group

”No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

“Man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”

Robert Browning

The intention behind this group is to provide a context in which  to experience the truth of unity and from there embark on an evolutionary journey together. Hence we come together to embrace the primordial energy of Life as both stillness and creativity.

This Awakening is a natural process but it must be engaged with intention to unfold within and between us, hence “conscious evolution”. Thus the only requirements are a sincere openness, and a commitment to authenticity and interest in exploring new and undiscovered country together. We commit to leaving our personal history, opinions, and even past spiritual experiences behind, so that there is space for a deep free-form restructuring of awareness and the emergence of new insights and potentials in the ever-new space of the Eternal Present.


For first half of the group we gather in a circle for 45mins of silent meditation. The instructions for the meditation are absolutely simple: we simply let everything be exactly as it is and practice having no relationship to the movement of thought and feeling. Nothing to do and nothing to change. Having nothing, knowing nothing and being nobody. We experience the deep relaxation and profound alertness of pure being.


In the second half, after a short break in silence, we gather once more, and open ourselves up for the creative expression of the Mystery that is alive in the field in and between us. What wants to emerge from the deepest core of who we are? Who are we and what can we express when our sense of individuality fuses with the impersonal creative energy of the cosmos?


In that unknown space, most importantly, we listen. When someone speaks, we listen for the deepest resonance in what they are saying. If we feel moved we respond to the expression that rings with the greatest spiritual presence and power. When something profound touches us in what someone else has shared, we may reflect it back to them, or share how it touched us with the group. By building a field of deep listening and deepening inquiry, we create a powerful supportive container for each of us to step into when we speak.

As the habitual frontal thinking self relaxes through listening and responding in this way, we open the gates of deeper and deeper dimensions of awakened intuition, knowing and perception. Trusting in the palpable natural ground of unity alive in the circle, our being fills with the intelligence of love, not knowing, and the awakened passion of the evolutionary impulse. We discover that our original face is not a personal identity but is Life itself, both unmanifest and manifest. In that discovery we begin to intuit what it would mean to live our lives without limits and to live together beyond the boundaries of our personal identities.

The tone of the group may vary widely from deep silence to passionate flights of inspiration, from profound awe and seriousness to challenging chaos and creative friction, to wild laughter and joy. If everyone participates and takes responsibility for the group as a whole, whatever occurs can serve to take us higher and deeper.

Conscious Conversation Guidelines:

  1. Participate. There is a longing for wholeness within the group itself that can only be fully satisfied when everyone participates authentically. It doesn’t have to be a lot. But also for your own experience, it will change dramatically if you participate. This is not for spectators. You may find that you have a nice feeling just sitting and listening to the discussion, but I guarantee you that if you participate, it will open you up to a whole another dimension.
  1. Be more interested in what you don’t already know than in what you do already know. This means leaving behind your preconceived ideas. Showing up empty handed, but interested. It may be scary, insecure, but it can also be thrilling.
  1. Put your attention on what’s happening out here, in the collective. Have the guts to ignore your inner monologue and let your attention completely fall onto the whole.
  1. Take responsibility for what’s happening in the group. Feel like the success of this event is up to you.
  1. Listening. But not just ordinary listening. Although even that would be a good start. But ideally we listen for the deeper currents in the conversation and respond to those deeper threads. Often there can be a sense of something just glimmering on the edge of your consciousness. Something so subtle that you wouldn’t normally dare speak about it. Have the courage to express that which even you don’t yet fully understand.
  1. Avoid the personal. Particularly for those who have done a lot of group work in a therapeutic context, this may be difficult. But our goal here is to venture into the universal, the impersonal dimension of our being.
  1. Avoid the abstract. This is not an intellectual exercise. So, just because some insight might capture your mind, keep listening for the deeper dimensions of consciousness, beyond the intellect.

My hope in initiating this group is that it will be a forum in which participants can transform forever any sense of separation, alienation and aimlessness, into one of connection, communion and cosmic purpose.

Consciousness is calling. There is a deeply felt imperative pushing into the collective psyche for those of us who make room for it. I believe it is the call of our collective evolutionary destiny. Those who open themselves to this call are the evolutionary pioneers that create and shape the energetic paradigm that is available for all who follow. While a small gathering may feel like an isolated beacon, if we are sincere in our passion for transformation now, we are seeding the future.

If this resonates with you then please come and join us.

Please call Pete for location and if you have any questions 966333187.

In these videos, filmed the morning after the group, participants share their experience…

Here are some writings from other participants:

“What I find valuable about the group is that it seems to further me along my path in a way that does not seem so accessible when meditating alone.

Especially the conscious conversation part gives me a more direct experience of being One with all and discovering more and more about this unity of all things and what potential that knowledge holds. It supports me and gives me courage to go on, let go more, trust more.”


“Pete started his meditation and conscious conversation group about a year ago. I have always felt myself to be a rubbish meditator, unable to stop the mind (surprise surprise!) and during the periods that I did meditate, I always found it challenging and hampered by a strong sense of duty. When I started Pete’s group I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no particular technique being taught and that he simply encouraged us to BE with whatever was going on, watching it but not getting attached to our thoughts and feelings. I was also relieved to be reminded that it is almost impossible to stop the mind. Phew! That let me off a lot of guilt and hopelessness around meditation. Yet still I found it difficult!

What dramatically changed all this for me was the conscious conversation part that followed. Always before when I had meditated in a group, we had finished the meditation and moved on – I had never spoken from that place of silence and emptiness before. Pete invited us to speak only from the NOW, when moved to respond from that quiet place, without any personal stuff or description of the meditation itself. What emerged from our mouths was astonishingly clear, clean and open, with an easily recognised truth in what was said, one that just goes ‘ahhh!’ in the heart. And as each person in the group strived to express the inexpressible, my heart opened to them with a delicious feeling of Love. At the end of each session I was left with an open heart, a feeling of true community and a sense that we were engaged in a powerful and consciousness-changing activity that is so much needed at this time.

What changed on a personal level is that I finally got to know that when I meditate something DOES happen, in spite of my doubts and feelings of inadequacy, in spite of my distracting thoughts and physical discomforts. Finally I really got to experience the personal and group value to the purpose of meditating. Now, a year on, I look forward to meditating because I have understood and experienced its value – finally – after years of ‘trying’ to meditate! I also have a very deep connection and love with the people I meditate with on a regular basis.

For most of my adult life I have been engaged in activities, disciplines and workshops that open my heart to higher consciousness and truth and I am delighted to have a group available on a weekly basis here where we can drop into that deeper place together. I feel it is vital in our very turbulent and changing times and have always believed that only through change of consciousness is there any hope for mankind. But before I get lost in words that might not convey what my heart would love to say, let me just hugely thank Pete – and his wise and wonderful wife Cynthia – for initiating this precious place I can now tap into with ease whenever I chose.”


Veeren, Suma, Dave, Pete

Josh, Suma, Dave, Pete

Words from the Wordless

“Words swirl round me
Like a paper snowstorm
Blown in the wind.
Fear slithers up snake bellied
Gripping at my throat,
But my breath
Like a lighthouse
Draws me forward,
A silk gloved hand of spirits
Leading me onward, and onward,
Into the green and golden vastness
Like a forest of redwoods rising
Misty in morning sunlight.
My feet are silent treading
The space between
Towering magnificence
And the blue void beneath.”

The Diver

“I come from shopping to the diving board
Carrying my packages.
My toes, gingerly, check out the edge
And then, without much ado,
Kite like,
I’m away from my perch,
Carrier bags lost to the wind.
The air dives with me
And for a nanosecond in eternity
I hang there
Unmoving in the stillness,
Till the water below
Rushes up to greet me and
I’m enveloped in a new medium.
A shoal of quicksilver fish flash past me,
Darting this way and that
With mysterious momentum.
Silver tailed and silver scaled
I sweep amongst them.
But whose fish are these?”


An excerpt from my former Teacher Andrew Cohen from whom I learned so much about the laws of spiritual transformation and the evolutionary potential of coming together as One:

Intersubjective Non Duality

The goal of Evolutionary Enlightenment is the emergence of a miraculous potential that I call “intersubjective nonduality.” What does that mean? “Nonduality” is most commonly used to mean oneness, or not-two-ness. It points to the perennial spiritual revelation that there is no other. And “intersubjective” means between subjects. So “intersubjective nonduality,” to put it simply, means one between two. It means the experience of oneness in a context of relatedness. Usually, we experience other people as being separate, outside of our own experience of subjectivity. Except in rare moments, such as sexual intimacy, it seems as if there is an impenetrable wall between us. But I have discovered that when two or more individuals awaken to the truth of Oneness, in the same place and the same space, the liberating knowledge that there is no other—which is the ground of enlightened awareness—can become a shared experience.

When this occurs, we mutually experience a paradox: You appear to be there as a separate individual; I appear to be here as a separate individual; and yet my experience of myself and my experience of you is that we are not two. And this changes everything. Why? Because this is when enlightenment, which is the direct experience of nondual awareness, breaks out of the purely subjective experience of the individual, and becomes the intersubjective we-space or shared context in which relatedness occurs. Miraculously, nonduality is no longer just an abstract idea or even a personal revelation, but becomes the very foundation of the shared culture between us. To me, this is what enables the power of enlightened awareness to affect real change in our world. The discovery of intersubjective nonduality is nothing less than the ground for creating an enlightened culture.

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  1. Gar says:

    My own interest is in Daigambran Jainism, of which yoga and meditation forms a part.

    Krishna Murthi, the theosophists, and anthroposophists are all important aspects of European Jainism.

    Indian though has spread to Europe spasmodically over the centuries; the flagellants were banned as heretical by popes, for example in the 16thC(?) whereas flagellation (suspended by hooks and so on) is still a lively part of
    Indian/Asian culture, whatever else you may think about it!

    Jainism is the ‘would not hurt a fly’ ecological branch of Hinduism which you obviously support

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