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Ego Free Zone!

By Rita Belo Fui voluntária no Projecto Vida Desperta durante 1 mês e uma semana. O sítio é de uma beleza extraordinária com as cascatas da Fraga da Pena literalmente ao fundo do jardim. Passei a maior parte do tempo a fazer trabalhos de jardinagem e das coisas que mais gostei de aprender foi que […]

Integral Permaculture

Helder Luis speaks about his experience of the Integral Permaculture Course at Quinta da Mizarela… Today my heart is overflowing and my mind is buzzing with many new exciting possibilities…Why? Because yesterday we finished our first 3 day Integral Permaculture course and it was a very inspiring, profound and exciting adventure for everyone involved! Laura, […]

More Than I Signed Up For…

By Dan Bowen Óla! I guess the best way to start is to introduce myself… I´m Dan, the latest volunteer to swing by here… A 21 year old Welshman currently “volunteer travelling” around Europe, arriving from Bulgaria and shortly moving on to Spain. So, by the time I set off again, I will have been […]

Yoga at the Quinta

Quinta da Mizarela had the pleasure of having our own private yoga teacher for a month. During the mornings and in the evenings he doubled as our volunteer Andy but at 4:30pm, under the Walnut and Chestnut trees he transformed into Yoganandy and taught us all yoga! This exerted quite some evolutionary tension, especially on […]

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