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The Joy of Co-Creation

In this post I want to share the many developments that are, and have been, taking place in the practical sphere as the Awakened Life Project makes further strides in emerging from the abandoned ruins of Quinta da Mizarela. It is truly amazing and such an inspiration to see what can happen when people unite […]

Growth in the Garden of the Awakened Life Project

By Marko Maitz Coming to the Awakened Life Project a while ago, I was only interested in one thing: Is this place really about Awakened Life ? Does this Project really live up to its name? … I started my journey to Portugal with the commitment of following my interests: I had dedicated the last […]

Staying Conscious in the Context

By Scott Marecek Wow, I have no idea where to start! So many things I want to share. I came to the Awakened Life Project on an interesting note, as an intern wanting to learn about sustainable agriculture from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. I knew there was meditation and that was also something […]

Ego Free Zone!

By Rita Belo Fui voluntária no Projecto Vida Desperta durante 1 mês e uma semana. O sítio é de uma beleza extraordinária com as cascatas da Fraga da Pena literalmente ao fundo do jardim. Passei a maior parte do tempo a fazer trabalhos de jardinagem e das coisas que mais gostei de aprender foi que […]

GEN Conference at Tamera

While Adam & Mim where presenting our project to people at the Feira Alternativa in Porto (see below), Cynthia and I headed south to to the community and “Healing Biotope” of Tamera where we had been invited to attend the European Conference of the Global Ecovillage Network. We were very grateful for the invitation as […]

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