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Building a Yurt Deck in a Cosmic Flow

Last Monday after waiting for a couple of weeks for the rain to stop, we finally took down the yurt. It has been a very windy and wet winter and the yurt was tilting quite badly and we also had some problems with water coming inside from the deck. The plan was to build a new raised floor on the existing platform and put the yurt back up in a couple of days and all our problems would be solved. Easy, eh?? So we took the yurt down, piled the bits next to the existing deck and that’s when everything changed!

As I stood on this massive empty deck, looking up at an amazing view, the warm sun hitting my face, I suddenly knew that the yurt could not sit on this space anymore. There wasn’t really any question in my mind; I just knew the yurt was supposed to go somewhere else and this platform had other uses in its future.

Billy and Glen were off to the side of the platform putting the last pieces of the yurt onto a plastic sheet when I said something like, “Hey I have an idea” and I told them I didn’t think we should put the yurt back up on the platform, it just wasn’t meant to be.” Billy looked at me and said, “You’re kidding right?” And then half a second later the look on his face changed as the recognition that I wasn’t kidding dawned on him, I can’t quite describe the look on his face but it was one of “Uh oh, she’s not kidding!” One thing to understand is Billy had spent quite a lot of time figuring out how the new floor was going to be built, he is the master builder on this project and I am the crazy visionary and project manager. He knows me pretty well so I think he knew instantly that the yurt was going to have a new home but he hadn’t quite caught up with this recognition yet. Glen (our American volunteer with the anything is possible spirit) had a very slight moment of hesitation but was soon in the flow of creativity that launched the new idea in the first place and was spilling over with enthusiasm.

Pete was up in the big house a few terraces up so I called to him. I’m pretty sure Billy was holding out that Pete would bring some sanity to the situation. I told Pete that I didn’t think the yurt should live on the existing platform anymore. Pete looked at me and said, “You’re kidding, right?” (what is it with these Brits!) Pete also, knowing me quite well realized right away I wasn’t kidding and surrendered to at least entertaining the idea. I said to Pete, “Come on down for a second.” He did and as soon as he stood in the sun on the empty deck with so much potential, he knew why I said what I said and he was in. Billy was swinging in our direction and we were all having an unleashed time as the creative force was taking over.

We called Mim up from the garden. She didn’t really stand a chance because the “idea” was picking up momentum. She asked some good practical questions but I could tell she was in when she hit the deck as she felt something was going on; the questions were really just going through the motions. Somewhere in there our head carpenter Billy surrendered to the inevitable, got a big smile on his face and was in too! I don’t remember when Joann appeared but she flowed with the new idea with no problem. This all happened in about 15 minutes.

So now we had a “new plan”, well sort of, the fact was we didn’t really have much of a plan, at that point we just had a yurt in a pile, not knowing where to put it and lots of smiles on our faces.

We discussed it and decided on a spot below the original platform. We all decided on building a platform that would sit on old tires, our friend Wendy had just done this so we went on her blog to see photos of how she did it. We had helped her get the tires from Fernando the mechanic so with one quick phone call to Fernando we were off to get the first load of tires. The rest of the day was spent hauling tires down the terraces, moving the tent (that was on the spot where the new yurt platform was to go), and making plans. Energy was high as we headed for meditation that night.

That night I sat on our veranda and I looked at the future home for the new yurt and again it didn’t feel right. I knew it wasn’t the place and I knew I had to say something. I wasn’t too sure how “the team” was going to respond to yet another change. The next day at breakfast I announced that I didn’t think the “new” place was the “right” place. I was happily surprised as I met no resistance and after breakfast Billy, Glen and I went down to scout out “the right” place. It didn’t take long and we found it! When we found the spot, we turned around and we saw the view in front of us and we all knew simultaneously that this was the place. A big YES erupted and the deal was done, the new location was approved.

So the “2nd new plan” sprang into action. Everybody was doing something to make it all happen. Who was doing what I don’t really remember, we were a unit moving as one, what needed to happen was happening whether it be digging dirt, getting tires, making food, packing tires with dirt, carrying beams and flooring, or the many other things that were happening simultaneously.


The whole week has been a continuously flow where our bodies have been exhausted but our spirits are flying high. There were moments of challenge which was also part of the process but the most wonderful thing was no one ever stepped out of the flow; our eyes were all on the prize, not the prize of just completing the yurt deck but doing it in way that was an expression of communion, care and joy.


We would start each day with meditation at 7:30am and breakfast afterwards (like we always do), then we came back together throughout the day, for a fresh juice break, lunch on the picnic table, and a very civilized 4:00 tea time on the huge, empty deck. When we did finally finish for the day we had dinner together and the regular evening meditation. We have been like one living organism, pulsating out and coming back in, 6 parts doing different things but essentially “one thing” moving through all of us.


For me it has been an ecstatic week not only because the sun was shining and I was outside but because a leap was made in how we are together. It has been great before this week but something new is on the move and we are all in it. The deck is not finished yet, the yurt is still not up and it doesn’t really matter because it’s not raining, the sun is shining, tomorrow is another day and the fantastic flow of love and creativity continues to move through us.


There is a lot of work being done on the Awakened Life Project both practically and from an evolving consciousness point of view and what is truly inspiring is that both are happening simultaneously.


I am blown away with gratitude to Billy, Mim, Glen and Joann as they are all here as volunteers and they all are giving everything to not only create a more beautiful environment but they are also helping to create a vortex of love and cooperation for others to walk into.

So stay tuned, the yurt deck will be finished, the yurt will be assembled and who knows what will happen after that!


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    Nice post Cynthia!

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