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Build Up to the Marathon – 16 Hours and Counting

Hello everyone!  Wow the energy here at the project and with the team in NYC is very high! So many people are responding to the Meditation Marathon that will begin in under 16 hours!  We have a ways to go before we hit our goal of 20,000 euros to complete the renovation of the “Big House”  but this has already been a completely positive event.

The Big House, partially completed.

The Big House, partially completed.

We have had donations from Canada, US, UK, Holland, Portugal and somewhere in South America! We have also had non financial donations too.  A friend is going to make a beautiful lamp for the meditation room, another volunteered graphic design help, our satellite internet provider donated 3 months of free internet service and someone asked about having an event here!

We also have friends in many countries that will meditate during the 24 hour period to add their energy to the event.  What’s very exciting is some people who are responding have never heard of us before so we are making new friends in the process.

Thank you to everyone who has responded so far.  If you would still like to donate click the button below.  If you want to meditate with us that would be wonderful too.  Please let us know as its very inspiring to know who is joining us.

If you don’t know about the marathon click here to find out all the details.  And feel free to let your friends know about this if you think they may be interested.



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