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Awakening Consciousness in 2010 and Beyond…

In the last few months whatever the The Awakened Life Project is and where it is going has taken a big leap forward…and we a gearing up for an even bigger one in 2010. I feel excited and more than a bit overwhelmed peering into the as-yet-unmanifest future of the next year, because I know we have big changes ahead.

It is two and a half years now since Cynthia and I came to Central Portugal with a vision to find some beautiful land and ruins that we could gradually renovate with the intention to create a beacon for awakened living in creative harmony with Self, Nature and Cosmos. Well, we ended up taking on something way bigger than we envisaged and have come a long way in a short time, but it always feels like we are just getting started! When I step out of our house in the morning to walk to meditation the beauty of this place still takes my breath away. I feel so much gratitude for being here and so much wonder at how everything is unfolding…

The most significant development heading into 2010 is that we are now four co-creators instead of two. Billy & Mim found their way here three months ago after having left their previous lives behind in the slipstream of their southbound bus. Longing for new vistas and curious about “community” in inner and outer dimensions, when they first came to visit and mentioned the “mean green meme” in conversation, I knew these were people who we could go places with (if you don’t know what that is then google it!).

They have already made fantastic practical contributions to the project, offering lots of great ideas for how to develop various aspects of the place. And they have also been leaning into the unknown potential and challenges of what it really means to come together in an evolutionary context (i.e. beyond the “mean green meme”!). Seeing that they have been resonating so much with us and our vision we decided to “up the ante” recently by asking them if they would commit to being here for a year as co-creators of the Awakened Life Project. They said YES! We are delighted! So that is definitely going to change things for all of us in new and positively challenging ways in 2010. We also have three volunteers already lined up for the Spring and more people keep contacting us wanting to come inspired by our overall integral vision of awakening to spirit and sustainability.

A job well done! Donkey gate completed

A job well done! Donkey gate completed

With all of this happening we are feeling the call to create more infrastructure and renovate more buildings so that we can accommodate more people…and, as well as willing hands and hearts, that requires more money. A little can go a long way here in Portugal, so if you would like to donate to our very good cause, please go to the Support Us page.

The interior dimensions of the Project we have initiated here (which stretches non-locally beyond the environs of the quinta as consciousness does!) are alive and overflowing amongst the friends with whom we have made an authentic connection in Spirit. The Monday night Consciousness Evolution group has evolved (good that it is living up to its name!) with regular participants all transforming quite dramatically 🙂  Meditating together is always powerful and builds a deepening field of trust and communion. The conversation that follows the meditation is always new and surprising. The more that people don’t hold back and give freely of their awakened experience and perception in the very moment of cognition, the more the circle crackles with vibrant upward spiralling energy. It can be ecstatically wild and chaotic at times, and at other times deeply hushed and still, as we reach to become portals for the mystery of pure consciousness itself—which really means being and becoming free, spontaneous, passionate, transparent and trusting human beings. There is a mysterious alchemy to this process. When one dares to communicate and share the emerging edge of one’s awakening consciousness, when one allows oneself to be naked, transparent and truly seen by others, then the divine energy that infuses and propels the cosmos is released to transmute one’s being (and that of the apparent “others”) in ways far more powerful than if one’s spiritual life remains solely an inner, private matter.

And how does that evolutionary enlightened energy want to reconfigure our humanity? I know from my own experience that the potentials are infinite and profound, and I also know they stretch far beyond what I know! I think Sri Aurobindo says it best:

Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth’s evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature’s process“.

On the subject of “Man” I am very happy that our growing trust and camaraderie has given rise to a “band of brothers”. Josh, Nico, Dave and I jammed in the New Year soaring into a funk rock fusion musical stratosphere and it looks like we are getting addicted ;), where this is leading I have no idea…

I am also looking forward to the development over the next year of a monthly men’s group I initiated recently with seven of us committed at present. We have converged upon the yurt for two meetings so far. We are all men “in transition” with new possibilities (and three Saturn returns) opening up, so it is going to be interesting to share and support each others evolutionary journey (maybe we will become a “band of Supermen” who knows?!)…lots of beard scratching going on contemplating new possibilities…

Billy,Nico, Pete, Josh & Dave

Billy,Nico, Pete, Josh & Dave

Cynthia started a women’s group last May and it continues to evolve in surprising and exciting ways.  The focus of the group is to evolve consciousness through seeing ones “True Self” and one’s seemingly “personal conditioning” in a universal or impersonal way. They come together to support the highest in each other and to rise above limitation. Who knows where they will go in 2010??

And then there is the land, the green, lush land stretching through the valley below with the stream gushing from winter rain and piles of slate stone ruins longing to be rebirthed…SO much to do! A shower block to construct, greywater wetland to create, pond to dig, hydro system to install, donkey shit to shovel, stone steps to build, seeds to sow, a beekeeper to become…it is an endless, overwhelming but joyous unfolding, a “Life” project indeed, I can barely see past pruning the olive trees at the moment!

Happy New Year!


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