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Integral Permaculture Course October 28-31, 2011

with Laura Williams, Annelieke van de Sluijs & Pete Bampton
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We welcome you to Quinta da Mizarela, a beautiful secluded paradise above the waterfalls of Fraga da Pena in the Serra da Açor, for a unique permaculture experience..

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This 3 day course will be an introduction to what we call “Integral” Permaculture…

Why “Integral” Permaculture? Permaculture teaches us how to create sustainable systems in harmony with nature and the earth and the major part of this course will include an introduction to permaculture combined with practical observation on our farm. Something we value very much about “permaculture” is that it is not fixed and is based upon continuous observation and creative response. In this spirit we are evolving the “permaculture” approach to embrace more elements.
We believe that a real sustainable human presence starts within ourselves and in our relationships with each other hence we need a conscious evolution to manifest a true integral “perma-culture”. For this reason, the scope of this introduction to permaculture course is broadened with elements to support this development, including presentations on the evolution of human culture, on vibrant health with an emphasis on raw and wild food, and the opportunity to meditate together each day.
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As the course is being held in June, you will have to opportunity to experience the beauty of the gardens in all their abundance full of vegetables and flowers…
This course will provide you with a practical introduction to permaculture ethics and principles that you will be able to apply in rural or urban settings in your own life. It will give you inspiration to improve your health and vitality, and will open up new vistas of what is possible in human culture and community.
We can create a garden paradise or ecovillage, but can we transcend the conditioned patterns that keep so much of our energy and potential locked up in conflict and division? Why is it that most communal experiments fail? What does it mean to create a perma-culture that embraces the inner as well as the outer dimensions? Many these days are interested in “Transition” to a more earth-based, post-industrial future, but what is the inner “Transition” that we are being called to make?

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Through presentations, interactive exercises, meditation and films, the goal of this course is to give participants an integral experience that we hope will provide some answers to these questions and inspire you to make positive changes in your lives that will impact the environment, your health and the one consciousness that we all share.
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Participants will arrive on Thursday June 9, between 6-7.30pm. We will have hot soup and a short introduction and film. Then on 10th & 11th there will be full days consisting of meditation, presentations and practicals, which will continue until we finish on Sunday 12th in the afternoon after lunch around 4pm. Accommodation will be in our mongolian yurt, tent or dormitory with mattresses on the floor.
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Cost 130€ per person (includes accommodation and all meals) 130€ por pessoa  (inclui hospedagem e todas as refeições)
We only have space for 12 people so please reserve your place soon. 30 euros non refundable deposit upon reservation.

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Participants share their experience of a Permaculture course at the Awakened Life Project…

“E aqui que vejo os conceitos da permacultura bem empregues em todas as suas vertentes. A observação que tem sido feita do espaço físico e de espaços outros das quinta possibilitam o prosseguir a vida na Mizarela de forma harmoniosa e sustentável.  Na Mizarela há um bom trabalho para que as coisas funcionem com uma eficácia efectiva. Senti-me, em muitos momentos em casa, mas uma casa em que nunca vivi, mas que existe no mundo dos pensamentos. Na Mizarela ví fundidas coisas que pertencem também aquilo que sou, a vida em comunidade, permacultura, a alimentação saudável, local, o esclarecimento, a clarividência, toda uma perspectiva holistica de compreender e viver a vida. E todas estas, e vendo-me como uma eterna criança, respondiam ao conforto que necessito para me sentir livre e feliz.”

Hugo Dunkel, Portugal

I just wanted to thank you again for your hospitality during last weekend. I really enjoyed the company of everyone at Quinta do Mizarela. The wonderful time among such optimistic and positive people gave me a whole lot of good energy, new ideas and perspectives. I hope to return soon and will keep in touch. Keep the sun shining!

Harry Hafner

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