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Awakened Life Group: Weekly Meditation & Conscious Conversation

Anyone who is sincerely interested in spiritual awakening and the evolution of consciousness is welcome to attend.

We will meet at 7.30pm on Fridays at the Roundhouse at Quinta Cabeca do Mato. We will finish around 10.15pm.


Please arrive in silence and sit down. When everyone has arrived we will meditate together with a little guidance for about 45mins. After the meditation there will be a short break also in silence. Then we will gather back in a circle and engage in a specific form of conversation as a spiritual practice/exploration.


By meditating together in a circle we generate a powerful field of unified consciousness and intimacy with each other. This is not dependant on knowing each other personally beforehand. We fall into the universal dimension of pure being in which we are all one. This connection provides a new foundation for communication. We endeavour to leave our habitual thinking/reacting personality behind and only speak from this depth and wholeness. It means we are willing to open our hearts and share our deepest experience. If we are really interested and listen and respond to each other from this place, amazing, magical and beautiful things can happen as we go beyond our habitual frames of reference.

This group is not about trying to solve any problems or about healing our traumas. It is about going on a journey together in which we transcend our personal concerns and history.

For the gathering to genuinely come alive we have to be willing to take a big risk together…

The risk is to let go of the personality, let go of the familiar, let go of everything you think you know about who you are, how you operate, about what you need to feel safe or participate in a group, about what groups are and how groups work. Let us abandon it all for this brief window in time and dare to come together in real vulnerability and transparency. I’m going to ask you to join me in the unknown. And what is the unknown? I guess we will all find out when we meet there!


My purpose in initiating this group is to provide a time and a place in which people can experience the True Self, the Oneness that we all are, that ordinarily remains hidden beneath the veils of our rigid ideas, identities, fears and desires. That Self is already originally Free. That Self is the wellspring of Love. It is the part of you that is already only interested in the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. It is interested only in Awakening and Evolution. All that is required to experience and express this True Self is to be completely true to the deepest, highest part of your experience…and to ignore everything else! I look forward to welcoming all who are interested in living an awakened human life.

Love Pete

Please call 966333187 if you have any questions


  1. Liselotte says:

    Dear Pete and Cynthia,
    I just had an idea to go in and look at your blog – what an incredibly huge and beautiful thing you are creating! I am amazed- sitting here openmouthed while looking at the photos, your place and what you are doing. Good for you.
    So, all all the best for you and the place
    much love
    Liselotte, Sweden

  2. morgan says:

    I cannot wait to arrive in Portugal and join you for this wonderful practice. I wanted to offer something similar and am so pleased to know there are sacred spaces open to all when my partner and i come to live in Central Portugal.

    Love and best wishes
    Morgan Pandolfino

  3. braunyng says:

    Hope one day we see each other in that circule. hugs in harmony 4 all

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