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Awakened Life Group Fridays 7.30pm – Meditation & the Emergence of a Collective Awakened Consciousness

All kinds of things have been written and said about meditation. But TRUE meditation is so utterly simple. By true meditation I mean when it is practiced with the sincere intention to Awaken to our True Nature, not just for stress relief, for visualization, or to get something for ourselves. And what does the intention to awaken mean? It means we want to GIVE ourselves to Great Process of Divine Evolution, we want to MERGE with the Infinite Mystery of Life.

Ok sounds great! So how to we do that? By doing absolutely NOTHING because we already ARE that Mystery. And that is the challenge! If we are willing to let everything be exactly as it is, regardless of the movement of mind, emotion, and everything we think we are, over and over and over again, a door begins to open, and we begin to uncoil and merge into the ocean of vast, original, infinite Being…


When we merge in stillness with that infinite Being we are freed from all the limitations that come with being identified with the personal self. We find that at the core of our being we are not a he or a she, a this or a that, we are PURE CONSCIOUSNESS.

Now when we endeavour to then come together and express ourselves from this deeper consciousness it is like the light of the new dawn breaking into this world. It is a Consciousness from which a new world and a new humanity can be created, free from the taint of ego. All that is required is a willingness to awaken to our life as an expression of the One Life that animates all and everything…


So if you are interested in joining us for meditation and exploring this potential please come along to the Roundhouse at 7.30pm Fridays.

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