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Autumnal Happenings: Spirit & Matter Take a Leap!

Autumn happenings have been abounding in both inner and outer directions with the arrival of Billy & Mim, who live in their “home from home” bus and are now parked up the mountainside, and Olga from Poland who has been living in the yurt…

With everyone being interested in new pathways and potentials for human evolution and community, much has opened up as trust builds and we explore our ongoing experience. While it has been a bit of a stretch practically especially with sporadic power since the rains came, shuffling around in the dark and bucket showers heated on the stove, it is proving to be a rewarding journey of off grid bootcamp/spiritual awakening for all!

The day begins at 7.30am with meditation. It has been so great to start the day together in silence imbuing the meditation space with positive energy before it is even completed! It has been warm enough to sit without doors and windows facing out across the valley and autumnal mists swathing the mountain.

autumn 071

After a hearty breakfast of raw oats, raw goats milk, nuts, bee pollen, seeds and fruit …

With fresh picked medronhos yum!

With fresh picked medronhos yum!

…it is off to the work of manifesting Heaven on Earth!

Much has been getting done as the Quinta takes another major infrastructural leap. Billy discovered a creative passion for working with slate stone and manifested a beautiful drainage channel, complete with stone bench outside the bedroom door. This means our bedroom is no longer flodding when it rains, thanks Billy!

walk 064

Fences have been built to keep the donkeys out of the growing areas, woodshed completed and stacks of wood stacked…walk 043

The ever cheerful Angelo came by with his JCB and flattened out our very bumpy and rutted track…

walk 060

And then we set about digging trenches in it with inlaid pipes to siphon all the rainwater down the mountainside so it doesnt flow down the track in rivers and make a mess of it again…

Mim looking handy with a mattock!

Mim looking handy with a mattock!

After a first off grid bootcamp year of blinking lights and a fridge that is mostly off due to our little inverter only being able to provide us with 500watts, we decided it was time to take the leap to up our power availability to a massive 2000watts! The Outback inverter we bought is a monster and dwarfs our previous Stuker in size…

Bib black Outback 2000watt inverter

Big black Outback 2000watt inverter

So now we can have the fridge on as well as lights and the computers plus we can jiggle on our vibration plate exercise machine…ah luxury!

On the technological front we decided to take a further leap after endless frustration with our WIFI modem which resulted in us often having to drive up the mountain to get a decent connection!

Unbroken connection to the global noosphere, here we come!

Unbroken connection to the global noosphere, here we come!

I found a good deal for a satellite system with Broadband Algarve. After the installation costs the monthly charge is actually a bit cheaper than the WIFI. So Vic and Stephanie came up from the Algarve to install it for us but after hours of waiting for the dish to connect with the satellite it didnt work, it turns out the modem was faulty. So they jumped into action and got us a new modem and came again two weeks later and bingo we were connected!

So we had our new inverter and satellite all ready to go but then the autumn rains set in earlier than we expected and…you guessed it…we had no power! So after a few weeks shuffling around in the dark with candles, no internet and no woodburner in the living room (because the pump needs power to pump the hot water!) we were bowled over with gratitude when Vic and Stephanie passed by on their way to the UK and presented us with a donation to the Project: a brand new generator!! They had told us that we could borrow their generator which we thought was already very generous but they decided a new one was a better idea.  What a beautiful surprise, thank you Stephanie and Vic!

THANK YOU! Vic & Stephanie

THANK YOU! Vic & Stephanie

While I am loathe to use fossil fuel on the quinta the loger term plan is to have a hydro power system installed for next year so this generator provides us with a welcome stop gap until we can run on solely on water and sunshine.

The hi tech end of the quinta!

The hi tech end of the quinta!

Rainy grey weather didnt stop play on the quinta though…Olga and Billy lovingly transformed the terminal moraine left by Angelos JCB into a beautiful set of stone steps…

Olga & Billy step building team!

Olga & Billy step building team!

While Mim cracked heaps of walnuts…

Focused Walnut cracking meditation

Focused Walnut cracking meditation

Another major stride that is nearing completion is the meditation/meeting room. The floor is now complete and features a wooden central area surrounded by yellow and orange tiles to help keep the flames of ego-death burning!

walk 051-1

walk 056

Also the new future growing areas got some attention as we planted vetch as a green manure crop. Soon after the first rain we had a beautiful carpet of translucent green. The vetch fixes a lot of nitrogen and we will cut and dig it in early spring…

autumn 039

Billy & Olga began creating the “Cynthia Rose Bampton Garden of Unlimited Possibilities”…an energy exchange for the “reintegration” massages she has given them…

autumn 070

So much as manifested in such a short time thanks to everyones enthusiasm, creativity and hard work. But also what has been rewarding is the bond of trust, communion and commitment that has been building and spiralling upward between us. A fusion of the inner and outer as one unfolding positive expression of Awakened Life. YES!


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