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Ask A Potentially Life-Changing Question: What Do I Want To Create?


Time passes. You listen more carefully.

Nothing happens.

So you say, “It’s not time yet, I guess I’ll get an answer when it is the right time.”

But what exactly were you listening for? That usually depends on your beliefs.

The voice of God?

A message from the “Universe”?

An intuition from the Subconscious?

A clue to be divined from World Events?

In some form or another all of this can be boiled down to I WILL RECEIVE A SIGN!

This is a strange situation, because the question, again, was: WHAT DO I WANT TO CREATE?


To really answer this question requires a leap into the fullness and limitless horizons of one’s own Self. It challenges us to stop looking outside for confirmation. It challenges us to become truly independent. It challenges us to become clear about what we truly want at the core of our being.

There is a New Age “spiritual” approach that appears to be the same as this. It goes something like: “I can create any reality I want. The Source of my creativity is the UNIVERSE, and I listen for all the messages the UNIVERSE is sending me, so I can know which direction to take and what to create…”

People may find this philosophy more empowering than going to church every Sunday, but it’s still buying the same trip that the religious traditions have fed us. What does that mean? It means people are getting their most important directions “from above.”


This myth of the omnipresent G-O-D “out there” that holds the keys to the kingdom has got the planet into quite a mess. Priests came along and said, “We’re here to tell you what’s happening ABOVE US. We have the word. We have the message coming from Above, and we’ll tell you what it is, so you’ll know what to do. Meanwhile, give us your loyalty and all your money.”

And now here we are in the 21sh century, and people start claiming they’re free from all this, but most are still inventing, and putting their faith in, some ultimate security blanket and myth of their own that….does what? Gives them messages and intuitions and clues and signs about what they’re supposed to do. People cling to these kinds of woolly beliefs as to lifeboats in a storm.

The Old World is crumbling. It is going down like the Titanic. We are living in Tipping Point Times and the Times need YOU!


It needs us to throw out the myth that we are somehow separate or other than the great ALL, IT, OR ENTITY “OUT THERE”!

To step off the cliff of the world of known patterns into a new world of crackling possibility we need imagination, passion and the courage to act on our dream for a new humanity and a new earth. Creative action breaks open dormant areas of the self and sets us on a magical journey of discovery and manifestation.


Then there is a quickening, a life-force, a vital energy that is transmuted through us into action. There is only one of you in all time and space. Your expression is unique and Life is a vast canvas waiting for your contribution to its unfolding.

If not us, then who?

If not now, then when?

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  1. Dr Lou Cox says:

    I have just written an article on what I call The Discipline of Conscious Conversation. Thought it might be of interest to your group. Let me knnow if you would like me to email you a copy. Thanks, Lou Cox

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