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A Visit from Neighbours-To-Be…

We still had a little time to go for a brief visit to Quinta da Mizerela where Cynthia and Pete have been living since August, and were clearing the brambles even before they owned it. We happened to find their site as we googled Benfeita terraces, and it just happens that we will be very close neighbours. Their beautiful project is situated in the most magical of places, they have the whole valley above the water falls of Fraga da Pena, and have put so much work into their project, it is a very impressive achievement for such a short space of time. There Nature reigns with its breathtaking views and peace…

On the way passing through the beautiful water falls we spotted a red Squirrel which made us so happy. Once there we sat on a magnificent high wooden platform that holds a beautiful Mongolian yurt overlooking the valley. The place has its own “levadas”: irrigation channels that ooze the peaceful continuous sound of running water. The buildings are being renovated to look as they once did just better, there will be dry compost toilets, renewable energy is employed all around.


On the way back one of their beautiful small dogs, Nina, escorted us for a while and then sat on the top of the hill with a wise & content look as a goodbye.

Couldn’t be a more environmentally correct and sustainable project. A real pleasure to meet Pete and Cynthia, hope to go back soon for yoga and maybe learn more about meditation and a raw food diet.

Until the next time,


Joao & Clare & Django

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