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A Heck of Alot Going On At the Quinta

It has been a vortex of manifestation over the last few months since we moved into the yurt on the Quinta in August. Not much time to write blog posts so this is a catch up post detailing some of what has occurred under the late summer sun…

house sunflowers.JPG

What a joy it has been to wake up in the morning gazing up at the beautiful mandala of the yurt roof for a brief meditative moment before being lovingly trampled upon by dogs and cats. OK time to get up!


After a very invigorating morning dip under the waterfall, followed by chi gung and meditation it is time to meet the day…

So here are some snapshots of what has been going on…

Work commenced during the summer on Jacqueline’s house and the yoga/meditation/meeting room down below, and this project will continue later in the year…


Our friends from the village of Pardierios Elsa & Joao came to work for a day and built us some steps down to the yurt with off cuts left over from the construction of the yurt deck…


Much work was done on our house including beautiful steps of slate stone lovingly crafted by Eusebio and Juliano. As it turned out what they came up with was completely different from the design we had agreed on together, however they were in luck as it was far better and we were delighted with the curved design they had improvised…

6-6 (13).JPG

I wish I had had more time to build the house along with Eusebio and crew, so I was very happy to learn the fine art of stonefacing in slate when I assisted in the building of the shed for the solar batteries. Once again I learned that the secret to precise laying of slate stone was lubrication by ample cups of red wine and much laughter…


Our funky tile design for the bathroom gradually took shape after much debate…


And after a very, very long wait the windows and doors finally arrived…YIPPEEE!!

sala from above.JPG

And the kitchen units and worktop, which look absolutely fantastic…YES!!


Strange that many of the doors had no outside handles…hmm how are we supposed to get in the bathroom from the outside?? Eusebio tells us this how the Portuguese do it; he assures me that the bathroom door is actually a window. Aha you mean a window that looks like a door??

After much research we finally purchased some clay paint, which Danny & Ana brought back from the UK on their way here. So as soon as it arrived we set about painting the rooms in vanilla, ochre and lemon with Danny, Ana and Jutta who joined us for an afternoon…Hmm and the paint smelled so good! In fact not only is it completely natural it will actually absorb any toxins that are in the air.


In the midst of all that, the veggies were quietly maturing and despite a limited irrigation system this first year (i.e. carrying lots of water), we have had a good harvest of tomatoes, courgettes, corn, peppers, cucumbers etc…and all the wild greens and berries ripe for picking.


This autumn/winter I am going to plant green manure crops and use Effective Micro organisms (EMs) to improve the soil for next Spring planting.

The sultry heat of summer has blended into a beautiful sunny, pristine clear autumn. Ringing blue skies by day and a breathtaking spangled canopy of stars at night, how I love the silent embrace of stillness and simplicity. The adventure continues…



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